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Subcity Contributors: August Listings

Posted on Aug. 5, 2017, 5:11 p.m.

Our second monthly listings post detailing everything that our contributors are up to this month. Check back for updates !

Bars / Clubs






  • Boosterhooch (Nice Pipes) plays host to DJ Fomo and Akamu at The Art School.
  • DJ Hush (MUSIC, Please!) soundtracking Max's Bar



  • GK Machine afrobeat DJ set at Stereo with Mushroom Hour Half Hour (Johannesburg, SA)



Sofay (Self Service) and Ribeka (Narratives) play at Optimo 20 in the Galvanisers yard. Catch station pals Apeiron Crew there too.

12th Full Ashram Sleep Garden (hosted by Happy Meals) a 12 hour overnight takes place at Kinning Park Complex featuring station contributors Sofay (Self Service), Komodo Kolektif (GK Machine), and Domestic Exile (Unearthly Matters).

27th DJ Hush (MUSIC, Please!) plays at the Vinicombe StrEAT Party

Contact Us !

Subcity contributors who would like their nights/gigs/releases etc to be featured in future listings posts should email [email protected] with relevant links and information.

Subcity at... Eden Festival

Posted on Aug. 2, 2017, 10:09 a.m.

‘It’s Eden, I can wear what I want and I can do what I want’

^^ This, overheard by a ten year old desperately trying to persuade her mum to buy her a sparkly gold skirt, summarises the entire ambience of Eden festival. A weekend of joy, hidden away in Raehills meadows near Dumfries, where men stumble around dressed as fairies, someone collapses on my mum because they’ve taken too many shrooms, you catch a man dressed as a duck trying to flipper his way through a pool of mud, find young families up by 8 every morning cooking bacon on their camping stoves, and 5,000 people gather together on the Saturday afternoon to copy the dance routine of a 65 year old man dressed in a unitard (Mr. Motivator).

Eden is magical. Though not quite magical enough to ensure good weather – the mud drove me out early on Friday morning in pursuit of wellies - it is, however, magical enough to keep it’s 9,000 (apparently it’s this big, but feels way more intimate) strong army of Edenites in good enough spirits to keep the party going all weekend long. Even my mum (who is 51 and the type of woman to get excited about surpassing 10,000 steps each day of a festival) was out till 3 each night exploring pastures new, whether that be DJ sets, discovering the existence of gypsy punk as a musical genre, or watching a sexualised acrobatic show. Eden is a place where you can be surrounded by hundreds of people completely different to you doing whatever they want to do, but you can also feel completely comfortable doing whatever you want to do.

With 9 different stages and a wide range of activities going on throughout each day - 10am yoga, an afternoon of stone carving, or learning how to make felt fairies, it's the best place to wander aimlessly about. Try a new craft, learn to juggle, amble towards some music, (amble away if you hate it), stay if you enjoy it, and if you’re still looking for something to keep you occupied, never underestimate the joy that people watching in a field that progressively looks progressively more and more like a swamp provides.

Personal Musical Highlights include:

Jazzanova: a smooth nu-jazz collective from Berlin who headlined the Devorgilla stage on Friday night,
Ezra-Collective: 1 x big fat sexy saxophonist + other sexy guitarists, trumpet players and pianists (AKA an Afro-jazz collective from North London) NeuroTrash: Featuring subcity’s Patrick and Ollie – this was my first time at a Neurotrash gig & absolutely what I needed when a little bit tired and hungover on Sunday morning – best enjoyed with an overpriced cup of chai tea. GhillI Dhu Subclub take over – Some may argue 5 hours of techno is a bit too much, usually I’d agree, but take subclub residents into an exotically decorated tent with moving speaker visuals & you’ve got the je ne sais quoi accompaniment that 5 hours of techno needed. Lost Disco: Though occasionally drowned out by the thundering tones of Voltans Psychedelic Temple, this place played some 10/10 disco and also has a flashing disco floor, which is a really great space to play noughts and crosses on. Alice Russell: soulful jazz to provide the final live music on Saturday night. Beautiful voice. Amazing play suit. Boney M: I had to go home early so missed the festival highlight, but Rose has confirmed that Boney M were 'great'.

All in all, if this year's weather conditions couldn't dampen the spirits of Eden, nothing can.

Roll on next year.

enter link description here

Words and Images by: Laura Williams

Listen at: subcity.org/shows/morningbreath

Subcity Contributors: July Listings

Posted on July 11, 2017, 4:52 p.m.

With about 150 contributors to the station, there are plenty of them doing cool things around the city on any given weekend so we thought we'd try doing them a solid and start a regular Subcity listings post.



Hawkchild DIY and Hyperfunk take to the Stereo basement for a benefit night in aid of the Grenfell Tower survivors, and have recruited Sarra from OH141 alongside 皚桐 (Heidi Chiu).


Danse Macabre (Heartbreak Beat) are in Stereo with special guest Frankie D from Club Stigmata with their usual goth / italo / synthy offerings.


Sofay (Self Service) plays all night long at The Art School as part of their July programming.

GK Machine's Invisible Inc. residency at The Rum Shack returns with Peter Power (Multi Culti/Voodoohop/Invisible Inc (DJ) + Konzel (Optimo/Junto Club/Invisible Inc) + GK Machine (Invisible Inc)


Only the Subject (ran by relatively-new-to-the-station Sorbie Rd.) returns to Nice n Sleazy's for the second time, this time featuring the debut live performance of Unskilled Labour, and the Sorbie Rd DJs.


Loose Joints bring Honey Soundsystem back to the Berkeley Suite for some serious dancefloor heat.

GK Machine plays Nik Nak in Paradise Palms, Edinburgh

Micah (Night Lunch) plays funk, soul, ska and post-punk for Silver Spoon in the Flying Duck.


Domestic Exile (Unearthly Matters) host Kübler-Ross with SUE ZUKI and Uzumaki in Nice n Sleazy's.

Blacktrackin' (Soulful Allsorts) takes place in the Pollock Ex-Serviceman's Club with original vinyl soul from all eras.



GK Machine @ Audio Soup Festival, Abnormal Loads Stage


GK Machine plays twice at Mugstock, with a headline techno set on Saturday and a downtempo cosmic beach set on Sunday morning/afternoon.


Komodo Kolektif's (GK Machine) record "Sumantras" was released on Invisible Inc in June.

Octo Champ (Rigid Disco) released his Southern Uplands EP on Shapes of Rhythm at the end of June.

Contact us !

Subcity contributors who would like their nights/gigs/releases etc to be featured in future listings posts should email [email protected] with relevant links and information.

July Listings

Subcity With... Self Service

Posted on July 7, 2017, 2:47 p.m.

Who are you? I’m Sophie. I’m a DJ & radio show host, studying for my masters and working in a library too.

What's your show? My show is called Self Service.

How long have you been a part of Subcity? Since 2010.

Favourite shows on Subcity? Past shows: It’s a Trap, Test Card, Under Heavy Manners. Present shows: Narratives, Night of the Jaguar, Eve Was Framed.

Favourite thing about the Glasgow music scene? The unbelievable spectrum of sounds you can hear in one night. I’m always very overwhelmed when I am djing and see how willing the dancers are to be challenged musically, they are very happy to be pushed in various directions. I don’t think that happens everywhere, I love Glaswegians and their “I don’t give a fuck, I just wanna dance” attitude.

What one thing would you change about the Glasgow music scene? More femme/POC/LGBT+ DJs on line ups across the city, particularly in clubs that are in the position to make this happen. I’d like to see more women promoting too because I think in order for the line ups to become more diverse we need more women and POC putting the parties on too. Very pleased to see projects like Grassroots Glasgow providing a starting point for this. They’ve been introducing newcomers to the city and people who have lived here a long time to djing and the music scene here in general. Sarra and Cat (fellow Subcity radio hosts!!) have created a very supportive environment with their DJ workshops - so inspiring, big love to all involved!

What song did you most recently Shazam? I’ve never used Shazam but I often ask my friends for IDs when they are playing. I think the most recent ID I asked for was a Pepe Bradock remix that I purchased the next day and hasn’t left my record bag since.

One song you've got on repeat at the moment? I can’t think of one particular song but the Laps record on MIC has been getting a lot of my attention. Lo Kindre’s Plant Up 12” on Optimo is another record I listened to repeatedly when it came out. Oh and the new Happy Meals record, I looooove them. And they are all Glasgow based, wooo!

What's your rainy journey song? Usually something by Haruomi Hosono in an attempt to distract myself from the dreich weather.

Anything exciting coming up? Some close friends and I have launched a multidisciplinary project called Sssuperstudio. Our first party was with Ben UFO, Laps, Klaus, Ome Sa, Florist, Mellowdramatics & Junglehussy. We invited lots of different artists across the city and further to produce some work for a zine that doubled up as a ticket for the party. I’m looking forward to moving in weird and wonderful directions with that project! I’m also very excited to play Optimo 20 in August alongside some serious dreamboats (especially fellow Subcity presenter, Becky Marshall.) It’s the first show that my mum and dad are coming to see me play so I’m quite nervous, they are very discerning!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ssofay Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ssofayyy

enter image description here

Subcity at... Primavera

Posted on July 5, 2017, 2:41 p.m.

Another year of Primavera Sound, another year we all scream in hysteria about the line up. It’s a festival that somehow manages to up its game year after year. The excitement we felt rumbling away in our bellies was almost too much to bear. Solange, Grace Jones, Van Morrison, Arcade Fire… just some of the main, absolutely m a s s i v e names to be making an appearance in Barcelona this year, along with the one and only Frank Ocean!

Oh wait…

Ocean’s cancellation on the Friday was undoubtedly a massive blow to all present and, as a result, Rose and I found that Friday missed a certain je ne sais quois. However, our discovery of our now new favourite band, Whitney, along with the crazy hysteria that overcame us as we crowd-surfed Mac DeMarco backstage was more than enough to lift our spirits, as well as the pure quality of the other two days.

Thursday saw our first day at the festival. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, we leisurely made our way to Parc Del Forum to have a wander before the main acts took to the stage. The atmosphere at Primavera is hard to describe, apart from maybe just perfect. It’s a festival that hosts such a range of musical genres that it has something for literally everyone there (who, incidentally, are all sickeningly cool and, surprisingly, Scottish – we ended up wondering who was actually left in Glasgow). However, after perusing around the smaller stages, we headed over to Heineken and Mango to see a triple bill of amazement. Miguel, Solange and Bon Iver. Ahh, if heaven exists it’s surely in Miguel’s beautiful face and equally beautiful voice. We melted. This melting was accelerated, of course, when one of our main attractions took to the stage. Solange. Not much can really be said of that lady, because whenever words try to come out, they fail. She’s a goddess. A superstar. Her set reduced us to Goosebumps and tears of pure joy. Suddenly it was 7am and we were wandering home down a sun dabbled boulevard, dancing to Sophie Ellis Bexter. Life was good.

The beauty of festivals, though, is the ability to discover something new. Friday brought us to Whitney, Thursday we stumbled across No Zu, an Australian “heat beat” band, and Saturday Junun featuring Shye Ben Tzur and The Rajasthan Express – bands we would definitely recommend looking up. On top of that, it’s the opportunity to see a pile-up of such big names all in the one place, and Saturday, for us, blew it out the water. Van Morrison, Teenage Fan Club (s/o for Rose’s favourite), Grace Jones and Arcade Fire. Woooaah is all that can be said about that I think.

Our Saturday night ended on Sunday at midday after a delightful sunrise and a sleepless and shaky, but nevertheless delightful breakfast. It was a weekend of wonders, of bumping into a ridiculous amount of familiar faces, of mind-blowing performances and top-class noodles for dinner, every night. I wonder what “best line-up ever” they’ll have for us next year…

enter image description here

Words and Images by: Hannah Forsyth Listen at: subcity.org/shows/morningbreath

Subcity Presents...

Posted on June 26, 2017, 6:07 p.m.

Subcity Radio has been an integral part of the Glasgow music scene for the past two decades. Moving beyond the realm of student radio, Subcity has become a community cultural platform providing opportunities for young creatives within the Glasgow music scene.

But we’re still growing, and so to the blog.

The Subcity blog is a new project by the Subcity community giving you regular updates on the cultural scene in Glasgow and beyond. We’ll be bringing you listings, reviews, previews, interviews and programming news along with some other stuff as and when it comes to us. But this isn’t just for us, this is for you guys too, so if you have anything you’d like to contribute send it to [email protected]

Subcity Radio is a non-profit freeform radio station supported by the University of Glasgow Students' Representative Council.
Scottish Charity Number SC006970.