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Subcity at... Big Thief

Posted on Nov. 23, 2017, 3:46 p.m.

Big Thief // CCA // 6th November With Support from Katie Von Schleicher

Subcity's Jim Walker reviews Big Thief's November gig and is left a little robbed of energy by the end. Read his review to find out the hits and misses of the evening...

'An emotionally intense set that didn’t quite land'

Big Thief are a band of crackling creativity, and their set at the CCA showcased this. Sadly their moments of occasional sparkling brilliance were held back by some meandering guitar solos that left the audience behind.

Opening act Katie Von Schleicher’s melancholy pop was a good warm up for Big Thief. She was helped in no small part by the attitude of her guitarist, who ripped on his guitar as if the whole world offended him for not feeling it like he did. Sadly he had the most stage presence of the night.

Big Thief's lead singer, Adrianne Lenker, came onto the stage alone at first. She didn’t so much as introduce herself to the audience as grab a guitar, and awkwardly explain that the song she was about to play didn’t have a name, as she’d only written it last night. It was a moment of intimate warmth between audience and performer only slightly tarnished by Adrianne forgetting the last few verses of the song, and mumbling an apology. This type of thing is to be expected when playing new songs, but the audience were left feeling slightly uncomfortable due to the singer's awkward handling of the situation.

However, the besotted audience forgave her, the rest of the band came on stage, and the night went on. This pattern of experimentation and forgiveness continued throughout the concert. The band laid out their big hits Masterpiece and Shark Smile, which had deeper strength to them than usual. The sound at the CCA is really good, and the small size of the venue added to the intensity of the performance. However, it felt as though a lot of emotional work had to be done by the audience to keep up with Big Thief. Adrianna often went off on underwhelming guitar solos, leaving the audience behind, who would then have to make a conscious effort to re-engage with the experience. This process of conscious engagement was worthwhile, but draining, and by the end of the performance I groggily stumbled out with an emotional hangover.

Big Thief Photo: Shervin Lainez Paste Magazine][2] Words: Jim Walker

Subcity With... Big Science

Posted on Nov. 19, 2017, 3:11 p.m.

Who are you? The Wuppertaler Schwebebahn

What's your show? Big Science

How long have you been a part of Subcity? 1000 years

Favourite shows on Subcity? The Hand Loom Lament Radio Hour Nova Waves

Favourite thing about the Glasgow music scene? Becky Walnut's blues song improvisations

What one thing would you change about the Glasgow music scene? I would make Becky Walnut lead singer of Mogwai

One song you've got on repeat at the moment? Smelling Cigarettes by the Fiery Furnaces

What's your rainy journey song? Philosophy of the World by the Shaggs

Anything exciting coming up? special guests describe maps

a monorail

November Contributor Listings

Posted on Nov. 2, 2017, 3:37 p.m.

Bars / Clubs


Missing Person’s Club (Beat Beneath) : I-F · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · La Cheetah


Hawkchild DIY + OH141 bring GAIKA: The Spectactular Empire ft. 131 Northside, 808INK, /AART, GAIKA, PAQUE, S4U, SIMEON SAID, THE GAZA STRIP to The Art School


Lezure 029: Skee Mask(Ilian Tape) at La Cheetah

Icy Winds: Sycophantasy (HEAVY DAZE), Inkke, MM, Akumu at Stereo

So Low (Narratives) at Poetry Club


SUBCITY RADIO: Flail Your Limbs - We're back at The Art School ! It's gonna be cute

Stereotone 37: Wheelman’s Goodbye at La Cheetah


DomEx (Unearthly Matters): Lolina, Luar Domatrix, Sue Zuki & Nova Scotia at The Art School


Boosterhooch (Nice Pipes): Hipsters Don’t Dance & Rosehips (International Date Line) at the art school

Loose Joints + Capri Collective at the Berkeley Suite


Loose Joints are back at Reading Rooms (Dundee)


The Rum Shack, Invisible Inc Label (GK Machine) night #8 Invisible Family Vol.2 launch night


Blacktrackin’ (Soulful Allsorts) at the Pollock Ex-serviceman's Club

SUBCITY TEAM bar gig - we're spinning some discssss at Stereo


Only the Subject (Sorbie Rd.), this time with some of the Subcity Team DJs



Invisible Inc (GK's Machine's Synthetic Soul Show) recordings Invisible Family EP #2 12" release date

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Subcity contributors who would like their nights/gigs/releases etc to be featured in future listings posts should email [email protected] with relevant links and information !

Subcity at... Unsound

Posted on Oct. 20, 2017, 10:55 a.m.

Given the world’s current state of unending turmoil, I was initially skeptical of this year’s Unsound theme of “Flower Power.” For a festival that has spent the last 15 years showcasing the outer limits of music and politics, emulating the joy of a trippy 60’s when so many are suffering seemed like an escapist attitude that championed personal pleasure over global justice.


But this urge could not have been more wrong. Unsound, a yearly music festival hosted in Krakow, Poland, cultivated hope through every aspect of its program, from lectures to workshops to concerts. But there was something more than hope as well - Whereas most festivals leave their patrons with an empty wallet and hangover, Unsound left them with a vision of a better future, and a drive to realize it.

Though the festival had 60’s undertones, most of the “Flower Power” came from the growth of ideas and relationships throughout the program. For talks, Patricia Reed and Lou Drago explored the possibilities of Xenofeminist politics, urging the audience to slice through individualism and engage with building a future they can see themselves in, as opposed to constantly being on the defensive. Discwoman head Frankie moderated a discussion with Jlin, Umfang, Noncompliant, Avril Stormy Unger, Nazira, FOQL and VTSS that managed to be both empowering and casual. The women - from Kazakhstan, Poland, Indiana and New York - had varying relationships to music and politics, but were able to laugh through the horrors of their countries’ governments and state, on no uncertain terms, that their mere existence in music was a political act.

Less adherent to the theme - but no less exciting - were the daytime music acts. Glasgow’s own Lanark Artefax put on an insane performance of squelchy electronics at an industrial plant 30 minutes east of the city. The lights were co-produced by Lanark and former Subcity manager Shaun Murphy, and were as integral to the performance as Lanark’s music itself - In the middle of the stage was a monolith-shaped LCD screen, which seemed to foreshadow what will become a cult-like following for the up-and-coming musician. It was such an an awe-inspiring showing that the following performance from Lee Gamble, of who Lanark Artefax is a protege, seemed meager in comparison.


Back in the city centre, at Krakow’s museum of public transportation, Robin Fox premiered his audiovisual performance “Single Origin,” during which a lone laser, placed in the center of the stage, spewed an entire world’s worth of geometry and colors, synchronized with wheezing techno and noise, for upwards of 40 minutes. Both Fox’s and Artefax’s shows, while they could be replicated elsewhere, were elevated to legendary status by Unsound’s dedication to one-of-a-kind venues and programming.


The nighttime programming at Hotel Forum, an abandoned Soviet-era hotel across the river from the city centre, is the bedrock of Unsound. This year introduced a third room - situated in the kitchen of the hotel - which hosted acts like Dj Lycox and Sega Bodega, whose beats thrived in the small industrial space. Elsewhere, club acts like Nkisi, Juliana Huxtable and Glasgow’s MM all but demolished the hotel conference room, which was decorated with pulsing chandeliers and Christmas lights.

There were several legendary sets which transpired at the main stage of Hotel Forum. Holly Herndon hosted a sci-fi choir on her stage, who briefly went acapella/acoustic in one of the more emotional moments of the fest. Jlin lended her signature rhythm to Avril Stormy Unger, who was both possessed and possessing while moving across the stage. Roses were thrown and tears were shed.

I missed what were later heralded as historical sets from Noncompliant and Avalon Emerson because I couldn’t stay up past 6AM when the sets transpired. But it’s impossible to feel like you truly miss out on anything at Unsound, as every facet of the festival is memorable in its own right. If you weren’t at a lecture on Blockchain, you were making friends on the tram on the way there; if you passed out at 4AM and missed half of the night program, you woke up in time to see a legendary day set. The only mistake you could make at Unsound is to not go at all.

Words and Images: Jake Witz

Subcity With... Forefront

Posted on Oct. 16, 2017, 3:39 p.m.

Who are you? Neill Erskine - Subcity contributor, Forefront 1 man team leader

What's your show? Forefront

How long have you been a part of Subcity? Since roughly the start of 2k16

Favourite shows on Subcity? Been enjoying Loose Joints, Content Content, Night of the Jaguar, Beat Beneath (s/o TC and Simon!), Unearthly Matters, Self Service

Favourite thing about the Glasgow music scene? The variations in styles I think during a single party, pretty much regardless of the club/night - that's so important I feel for a successful night and its good to see it happening more often now. A few years ago, particularly in the 'bigger' clubs, you would only hear a specific type of music. There wasn't really much excitement in terms of new music. But now with so many parties in smaller venues popping up pretty much anything goes, which is a good reflection of the newer wave of dj's/promoters/producers coming out of Glesga. There's nothing more boring than going to a night in town where its just the same predictable tunes being played - love to see it being mixed up! It's also good to see these smaller club nights putting stuff on for the dunt, 100 - 150 people in the right place and the right night can prove to be some of the most successful and memorable ones!

What one thing would you change about the Glasgow music scene? I'm not entirely sure what to change, I think for some people it can be hard to network in the scene - without platforms like Subcity it would be even harder, especially trying to make a name for yourself and your music. You probably need at least a few people to start and maintain a night to gain support from a promotion, networking and financial perspective - there's loads of healthy competition now so taking the right approach with the right aim is more important than ever. Just winging a night would be pretty solid! I've met loads of folk through Subcity from having guests on my show to other contributors and team members which is class. More of a mixed crowd in general would be decent as well! I was at that Optimo hing in august and have never been at an event with such a mixture of people who were there to see different acts, it's definitely refreshing tae see and you could tell everyone appreciated the effort gone in to organising an event of that scale. I was talking to a manger of a club in Glasgow who said the crowd there was unusual just now, going with the popularity of house/techno - I think people would like to see that change but I'm not sure that's something I would, you can't blame folk for wanting to go out and have a good time can u!

What song did you most recently Shazam? Frequency - Systematic Input although not sure where or when

One song you've got on repeat at the moment? Always loads! Loose Fingers - Lamentation, Kalani Bob & Remegal - Dreaming Of Brie and this unreleased Steve Spacek one that's kicking about youtube - Ring The Alarm - thanks to young Bleaker for sharing.

What's your rainy journey song? Drain Pipe - Monday Melodie

Anything exciting coming up? More Forefront shows with more guests and a night off the back of the show in the works as well - eyes peeled! https://www.facebook.com/neill.erskine?ref=bookmarks https://twitter.com/_NeillErskine


Subcity Contributors: October Listings

Posted on Oct. 2, 2017, 3:24 p.m.

Bars / Clubs






  • Mojo Workin' (The Funky Cuts) takes place at the Rum Shack, with guest DJ Carnaby Paton (Mixed Up Vinyl)





  • Some of Subcity Radio team are playing records at our second Stereo bar gig to raise money for the station

  • ...while the rest of us collaborate overseas (!) with our close pals Dublin Digital Radio at a party in Jigsaw


  • Sonic Cathedral's 'Ambience Chasers' Halloween Ritual' with Andrew Weatherall (dj) and a live set from Komodo Kolektif (GK Machine) at The Social, London

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enter image description here

Subcity with... Beat Beneath

Posted on Sept. 5, 2017, 1:57 p.m.

Who are you?

Simon Bryan - presenter on this station, general DJing and music enthusiast, part of the Missing Persons Club crew.

What's your show?

Beat Beneath

How long have you been a part of Subcity?

I've been involved in one way or another since I first moved to the city in 2005. In this time I've done all sorts from tech team member to assistant manager but the show's my main involvement these days.

Favourite shows on Subcity?

A few I've enjoyed lately or over the years are Rainbow Dome, OH141, Build And Destroy,Lezure, Heated Heads and loads more that I can't think of right now or need to get round to listening to. Shouts to the newer ones by some good folks/musical kindred spirits too including Vugge and Rigid Disco.

Favourite thing about the Glasgow music scene?

For a city that's not massive it's always seemed like there's something for most tastes if you look hard enough, and the combination of the more permanent residents and a lot of people always coming and going for things like the many educational establishments, jobs, the music and arts scenes and reasonable living costs which keeps things interesting. Also although there continues to be resistance from the more conservative minded in the scene, there's been real effort from a lot of hardworking people to strive to make things more inclusive, diverse and safe (latter not meant in the musical sense obviously!) and an acknowledgement of this need to help more people enjoy and get involved in what the city has to offer.

What one thing would you change about the Glasgow music scene?

Aside from the wrong-side-of-history types I've referred to, I think at times it's quite a difficult place to find the opportunities to really pursue developing as a musician/DJ despite it being relatively easy to meet and support people and scenes with similar music tastes, ideas and ambitions. It's a flipside of it being a compact city with a limited amount of venues and punters for more niche things and a strong emphasis on partying/afters and close-knit networks. It's not an easy one to say how I'd change; places like Subcity and the increasing amount of workshops and so on springing up lately are good for connecting people and generally providing some alternative infrastructure & opportunities.

What song did you most recently Shazam?

Nile Delta - Aztec. I can't remember when or why, quite possibly from on a show on the station or elsewhere. I've become a lot more systematic about finding and remembering music these days cos my mind alone can't cope with the constant inundation but this still has its failings sometimes...

One song you've got on repeat at the moment?

"Life Source Negative" off the new Juniper record that's come out on Meandyou. Exactly the kind of moody off-kilter techno you'll know I always go for if you're a listener to the show. It nails that balance of a solid groove vs. lots of nice little switchups and clever structuring.

What's your rainy journey song?

Seltene Erden - Holidas Lake is a current one that seems to just make me feel that little bit more impervious to, or embracing of, the elements. It's a Kassem Mosse side project record that I picked up a while ago then forgot about, then heard one of my current favourite DJs Beatrice Dillon play it on her tape for Wichelroede. To be honest that whole tape's been on constant rotation for me since it came out for journeys in rain or sun, by train or bus or car or anything really...

Anything exciting coming up?

Missing Persons Club's has got a fast-rising Denmark-based DJ and all-round good person Anastasia Kristensen playing for us at La Cheetah on Friday 8th September which I'm pretty excited about. I'm on the warmup which I'm looking forward to as it's been a while since I last played in the venue, but far more importantly I'm sure Ana will play a blinder off the back of her recent gigs at events like Berlin Atonal!

Social media profile links: twitter.com/beatbeneath facebook.com/beatbeneath

https://i.imgur.com/23hhT7h.jpg Photo Credit: Dasha Miller

Subcity Contributors: September Listings

Posted on Aug. 29, 2017, 7:21 p.m.

September listings are in, with a couple notable appearances from the team this month too.

Bars / Clubs








  • Invisible Inc label night #7 at The Rum Shack Dancehall: Immaculate Rivombo EP launch night with NikNak (DJs), Immaculate Rivombo (live) + GK Machine (DJ)

  • Invisible inc afterparty at Komplex with NikNak (DJs), GK Machine (DJ) + Beng Ibson (DJ)



  • The Subcity Team start the first of their monthly bar gigs at Stereo. Come along and say hi - the fee we get goes into studio repairs !

  • Blacktrackin’ (Soulful Allsorts) takes place at the Pollok Ex-servicemen’s Club




Contact Us !

Subcity contributors who would like their nights/gigs/releases etc to be featured in future listings posts should email [email protected] with relevant links and information!enter image description here

Subcity with... chOOn!!

Posted on Aug. 23, 2017, 11:46 a.m.

Who are you?

mr. chOOn!! - Dundonian-born filmmaker, writer and part-time model for Freemans clubby catalogue with roots in East Prussia by way of Yemen.

What's your show?

My show is called chOOn!!

How long have you been a part of Subcity?

Since 2012.

Favourite shows on Subcity?

Past shows: The Awkward Sons of Patrick Stewart, They're Only Records Paul, 12th Isle Transmissions. Present shows: MUSIC, Please!, Narratives, Chust Sublime, GK Machine's Synthetic Soul Show, Unearthly Matters, Self Service and many more…

Favourite thing about the Glasgow music scene?

I love Glasgow, it’s one of my favourite cities - it’s very romantic and beautiful and wild and has a crazy energy, all of which suits me perfectly. Of course there are great things happening in Glasgow and so much good music comes through here. However (and I don’t want to sound like too big of an arse, but), I have little interest in supporting ‘local’ talent. Although I have always boosted anything interesting that happened to take place in Glasgow, my view has always been International (or should I say Outernational). I will always support what I consider to be great art no matter where it comes from. I despise that whole parochial outlook, that whole ‘it’s happening on your own doorstep man’ bullshit. I feel no responsibility whatsoever to support or help foster anything locally or internationally or anywhere. I like good art/music, no matter where it comes from, but that’s the thing I love about the city – people are always looking out instead of in.

What one thing would you change about the Glasgow music scene?

I read a quote that resonated with me from Keith McIvor of Optimo fame in a recent Guardian article discussing the wealth of amazing talent in the city, unconcernedly buried beneath its surface - “There is something in the Glasgow mentality. People aren’t good at promoting themselves, but it’d be nice if they were a tiny bit more ambitious. There’s nothing wrong with doing something amazing that reaches a lot of people. It’s not selling out.”

I echo these sentiments.

What song did you most recently Shazam?

Rewat Buddhinan - Mun Plak Dee Na – a gloriously warped 80’s Thai Funk track that just about stays on the right side of chOOnage. I posted a video for this one (sadly no longer available online) on the chOOnchOObe (my companion blog site) many years ago and I randomly heard it again recently in a mix by Booty Carrell – I knew I had it in my possession but I just couldn’t place the chOOn in my library – this kind of thing often happens to me – especially with foreign-language titles - I’ll often use Shazam as a last-ditch reminder tool as my memory is shot these days – thankfully it came up with the goods as it’s genuinely useless on many forms of rhythmic music and new age – everything is Bach’s 5th Concerto played by the Tibetan Organ Philharmonic.

One song you've got on repeat at the moment?

I rarely DJ live but this month I’m stepping out of the studio to play some chOOns in a brik-a-brak shop for the Edinburgh Art Festival – my recent radio shows have been largely low-key affairs but I’m obsessing over some of the more upbeat material for the live shows – Indonesian cassettes from Bimbo and Harry Roesli, anything and all from Francis Bebey, right now his ‘Baobab’ and ‘African Woman’ LP’s – an ultra rare Caribbean electro funk monster called ‘Funky Reggae’ by Acouyaman, Blind Senagalese percussionist, Paap Niang’s electronic soul stomper ‘Sama Waye’, Russian synthpop stars, Forum and 'Что сравнится с юностью' and many more....

What's your rainy journey song?

Lately - something from Stefan Fredin's LP ‘Tystlåtna Äventyr’ – somber Swedish synth and minimal vibes from 1982 – perfect soundtrack for a depressive tea-time Megabus to Humdrum.

Anything exciting coming up?

It’s been a great year for collaboration – following on from contributing to the outstanding Blowing up the Workshop series, I’ve been lucky enough to feature on Dublin Digital Radio, London’s NTS Radio, Melbourne’s Sanpo Disco and I’ll be sharing a couple of special mixes over the coming weeks for Ukraine’s Krossfingers and Sweden’s Wildlife Radio – flying the Outernational flag for Subcity, ha!

I’m also starting work on a compilation/reissue project with fellow Subcity contributor/alumni Fergus Clark – I can’t say too much right now as it’s in the very early stages but it involves the unreleased tape archive of a maverick percussionist and all-round Scottish oddball – a true one off – really excited for that one. I’m also working on a batch of Pakistani Edits that I hope to release on record with my Outernational gigolo buddy Booty Carrell. It follows on from my LollychOOn Volumes for Subcity – particularly volume 2, which showcases a series of insanely frenetic electronic-pop confections from the late 80’s/early 90’s.

Social media profile links https://soundcloud.com/radio-choon https://www.instagram.com/choon_subcity Listen at: https://subcity.org/shows/choon


Subcity at... Sunfall

Posted on Aug. 21, 2017, 12:06 p.m.

Saturday the 12th of August saw Sunfall Festival return for its second year to Brockwell Park in South London with night sessions taking place at various venues across the city. The line-up, albeit a bit obvious, was made up of some of the biggest and exciting names in electronic music. Sunfall by Day boasted sets by Beautiful Swimmers, Ben UFO, Shanti Celeste, Helena Hauff and Theo Parrish, with Roy Ayers and Larry Heard billed for live sets.

Sunfall festival 2017

One search for ‘Sunfall’ on Twitter reveals a series of angry complaints and pictures of the ridiculously long queues that many faced when they arrived mid-afternoon for the festival. I got a message from a friend telling us not to head along at that point and thus we instead opted for exploring Brixton until the queues died down.

We eventually arrived at around 6 pm to barely any queues at all. However, due to our late arrival we had missed most of the people we had wanted to see, with Helena Hauff and Beautiful Swimmers having done their slots earlier on in the day. We headed straight for the north stage, a large tent close to the entrance of the festival. The tent was packed as Ben UFO took to the stage and despite the upset that had been evident earlier in the day the crowd seemed to be on board for all that was happening. Ben UFO delivered a set that delved on the lighter side of techno with a few housier vocal tracks like an edit of Mike Dunn's 'God Made Me Phunky' fired in close to the end, an entirely different set from the incredibly intimate one I'd seen him play at Optimo 20 just the weekend before. Songs like ‘Tin’ by Daphni brought the room to life, although it never really went to the place everyone was eager to get to, more due to the size of the tent and the poor sound than anything else. Jackmaster took to the stage just as Ben finished and started off his set with ‘XTC’ by Boys Noize. We stayed for a couple minutes longer before beelining to the main stage for the festival's highlight, Larry Heard performing as Mr Fingers.

This was Heard’s first live performance in London in over 20 years and it certainly didn't disappoint. With Mr. White by his side, he gently guided the crowd through what seemed like a history lesson of Mr Fingers, performing tracks like 'On My Way' fairly early on before arriving at the mid noughties acid house classic 'The Sun Can't Compare'. Ahead of the set I was worried that tracks off his forthcoming album wouldn't bring the euphoric feeling that the rest of his stuff does but I was proved wrong. A standout from his new album, ‘Full Moon’ went down a treat with much of the audience getting just as involved with that as they did with classics like ‘Déjà Vu’. Sunfall prides themselves on the quality of sound at the festival yet I found it lacking close to the main stage. When Heard began to tease the crowd with the certified floor filler ‘Can You Feel It’, it was somewhat lost as the bass was hard to hear, if there at all. However, when the vocals came in everyone lost it and that feeling that comes when you hear it in a club was amplified tenfold.

Larry Heard

As the sun fell on Sunfall (sorry), the parties split up and headed in all directions both in terms of location and music genre. Corsica Studios and Make Me hosted a techno and electro-fuelled line-up including Ben UFO, Helena Hauff, A Made Up Sound, Shanti Celeste and Call Super, whereas The Jazz Cafe and Worldwide FM hosted a more laid back jazz-centred evening session with Yusef Kamal and Giles Peterson on the bill. We opted for the Numbers night at Village Underground with Jayda G, Peggy Gou, Jackmaster and DJ Bone.

Time management isn't me and my friends' strongest quality and so sadly we missed Jayda G. Despite this, the night was still enjoyable and played out as most other Numbers nights do: Busy, sweaty and daft. The crowd was going for it all night, at points making the music inaudible with their cheers, especially during Jackmaster and Peggy Gou’s b2b. Most of the strong selections were made by Gou, playing classics like Alden Tyrell's 'Hills of Honolulu' to profound effect. On our end, much of the night was lost to a massive game of nautical puns, although we did manage to catch DJ Bone at the end before cycling off on some Boris bikes.


Images by: Blise Orr

Words by: Amy Krawczyk Listen at: subcity.org/shows/contentcontent

Subcity Radio is a non-profit freeform radio station supported by the University of Glasgow Students' Representative Council.
Scottish Charity Number SC006970.