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events // Subcity x Sleazys // Saturday 8th August

Subcity X Sleazy's

Facebook Event

We were away for a quick holiday, but we’ve brought the sunshine vibes back with us - Subcity’s returning to Sleazys, and this time we’re shaking the foundations with some truly exotic acts. Leave the sunblock at home.

New Latin Flirt

At the cutting edge of the burgeoning Latin music scene, New Latin Flirt have been treating Glasgow to the enormous variety of sounds coming from Latin America. It would’ve felt wrong not to bring them along.

Grand Unify Grooves

Since gracing Subcity’s airwaves, disco disc jockeys Grand Unify Grooves have truly lived up to their name. Guaranteed to deliver dancefloor jams that’ll send us all to paradise.


No strangers to the Sleazy's basement, Ally fae Tropical has delayed his holiday to help see us to the end. On a roll after a string of successful nights, he's sure to delight.

2330 - 0300

£3 OTD x

Posted at 23:38, 27th July 2015

events // Coral Reef: A Subcity Radio Documentary

Coral Reef

Facebook Event

Screening // Assembly Hall // 19.30-21.00 // Free

Subcity Radio invites you to the first screening of Coral Reef, a short documentary film looking at the last 20 years of the station, Directed by Robert J. Hunter, the documentary tracks the oral history of the rich and vibrant community of tech nerds, genre geeks and party fanatics which have inhabited the station over the years.


After-Party // The Vic Bar // 21.00-00.00 // Free

Niall Morris

Coral Reef's presenter extraordinaire proves he's more than eye candy, he's a Lion Bar for the ears too: delicious, a bit left-field and full of fructose syrup.

Arm Watches Fingers

He knows the score, because he wrote it. Arm Watches Fingers makes and plays pixelated beats, bring your best jazz robot. See: undulating space crunk.

DJ Hush

Nobody knows The Vic like DJ Hush, the man behind Record Playerz (RPZ) returns to the site of the crime after storming it at our 20th Birthday. In Hush we trust.

Posted at 23:31, 27th July 2015

events // Subcity x Sleazys // Saturday 13th June

Subcity x Sleazys

Facebook Event

Another world.

Another time.

In the age, of wonder.

Come with us as we take a trip back over 20 years- a place where after 40 years of tensions, a new beginning is in sight. The GDR is crumbling, the world is watching, and The Wall is coming down. Grey surroundings and the crash of industrial furnaces are replaced by the sounds of a hopeful Europe- Italo, Synthpop, and New Wave. Follow us into the basement of Nice ‘N’ Sleazy’s once more, and revel in a world gone by.





£3 OTD

Posted at 11:38, 10th June 2015

events // Pure Radio Sex: A Subcity Radio Exhibition

subcity20 exhibition

The Art School

26th-28th February 2015
12pm - 8pm


Join the event on Facebook

Subcity invites you to ‘Pure Radio Sex’: an exhibition across The Art School’s project spaces featuring archival material collected across 20 years of broadcasts and parties.

Trawl through a history of Glasgow’s underground guided by your favourite freeform radio station. Transforming the space into a multimedia record store, the installation will be stuffed to the brim with rave paraphernalia, curated soundbites, and relics from the station’s long and sordid history. Touching encouraged.


Opening Party // Wednesday 25th February 2015

Join us for the opening party and launch event to the Subcity 20 celebrations. It’ll be a chance to sample some brilliant sounds as you peruse our assembled oddities, line up below. Beers provided by the lovely folk at Williams Bros Brewery.

7pm-9pm // The Gallery

Jonnie Wilkes

10pm-12am // The Vic Bar

Build + Destroy
Nova Waves

Posted at 16:33, 20th February 2015

events // 20th Birthday Party


The Art School

Sat 21st March
10pm - 3am

Buy Tickets:

Online: Resident Advisor

In Person: SRC Welcome Point // Vic Bar

£6 Early / £7 Advance / £8 Door

Join the event on Facebook


We're having a party to celebrate turning 20. DJs from the past & present alongside massive production.

You know the score.

<<< Assembly Hall >>>

DJ Keoma

Keoma’s dancefloor focused sets will make you sweat, romanticised club music for the wavy generation.


Bass focused riddims from the elusive selecta, NoFace has the sub’s to make you freak.

Ben Martin

The Real OG (Original Ginger) Ben’s party sets are held in high regard, expect basslines in cars, having coffee.


In search of The Ultimate Bounce, Those Vitamins are known for throwing some of the wildest parties from here to Koh-I-Noor.

<<< Vic Bar >>>

Gareth Roberts

Combining cosmic frequencies with cold war electronica to create interstellar journeys in sound.

Mr Choon!

International sounds from the lost and found. Mr Ch00n will show you everything from Somali Synth-Pop to Spanish Soul.

DJ Hush

One of the original Record Playerz, Hush Puppy brings his eclectic audio adventures back to one of his all time favourite haunts.

GK Machine

GK melds vinyl and iPads to take you on a trance like trip through the ages, a true master of his craft.


Posted at 21:24, 10th February 2015

events // Subcity says Gies A Winch?

gies a winch

Nice N Sleazy

Sat 14th February
11.30pm - 3am


Facebook // RA


Don’t spend Valentines Day Facebook-stalking your potential Tinder dates, come experience that real live lovin’ and find yourself a new squeeze to a soundtrack taken care of by some of Subcity’s most sensual selectors.

No Globe // Beats of all Nations // Jackie Your Body

Posted at 12:55, 22nd January 2015

events // DUBCITY: Walk n Skank x Subcity Radio


The Berkeley Suite

Thurs 11th December
11pm - 4am

£5 (£3 before 12)

Facebook // RA


Two of the Glasgow’s longest running institutions come together for a community celebration.

Soundsystem culture meets freeform radio. Walk n Skank meets Subcity Radio at The Berkeley Suite. You know the names, you know you’re in for treat.

Mungo's Hi Fi

International sound system dubbers and Walk n Skank residents. They recently returned to Subcity Radio after a twelve year hiatus, and as always will be hosting the dance along with MC Campeazi.

Argonaut Sounds

The Argonauts crew are a staple of the Subcity community, having been on the station for a solid thirteen years they’ve played more than their fair share of parties, but it would be a definite oversight if we didn’t get them down for the session.

Fergus Clark

This young selecta boasts a record collection to rival most, a true crate digger, Fergus will be warming up the vibe with a roots selection that we’re all highly anticipating.

Posted at 17:19, 8th December 2014

events // Subcity presents Stereo 54

Stereo 54 poster


Fri 14th November
11pm - 3am

£5 (£4 before 12)

Facebook // RA


Subcity presents a night of sleazy grooves in the Stereo disco palace. The team have dusted off their dancing platforms and are ready to hustle.

This time round we’re transforming the dancefloor into a glitter-soaked den of iniquity. A homage to the original home of disco, Studio 54, we’ll be spinning the familiar to bring you something funked up.

with Ill Divos:

Francis Murphy

Subcity’s very own Daddy Cool; Francis Murphy is a powerhouse of groove who’s gonna make you move. Bring an extra pair of heels, you’ll wear through the first set.

The Shiny Disco Ball

Our own Boogie Knight, David [Man]Campbell digs through rare cuts from around the world, polishing them off and presenting them as artifacts of dance. He’s also an actual human disco ball.

David Barbarossa

David ‘Fucking’ Barbarossa makes his Subcity perty debut (and we are so sorry it’s taken so long). Recently listed on Fact Mag’s 100 Underrated DJs who deserve more shine, those who know, know.

Den Haan

Italo maestros Den Haan will be cocking their disco pistols like the dance commanders we’ve cum to expect. The boys will be bringing the meatballs to your marinara and we’ll bring the subs. Come on and ‘Release The Beast’ with us.

Posted at 22:31, 27th October 2014

events // Subcity Party



Fri 10th October
11pm - 3am

£5 (£3 before 12)

Facebook // RA


Fresh (as ever) from our packed-out freshers party at The Art School, we will be taking over the Broadcast basement on the Friday 10th October with big sound and quality selectors.


Subcity young-bloods, Ruaidhri and Frank, methodically extract and process music from rich sub-aquatic seams, oscillating their frequencies to create ephemeral explorations in sonic texture.


We have the hots for Barrientos and DVRS’s kind of house music. Fiery electronic soul from the burning center of Subcity’s core.

Beat Beneath

Simon Bryan, AKA Subcity’s own Technoid-babe-magnet, will be bringing proceedings to a close with a brouhaha of bangin’ beats, as your Granny would say.

Posted at 21:28, 24th September 2014



The Art School

Wed 17th September
11pm - 3am
FB Event

FREE Entry


It's September and Freshers' Week is upon us! This year we are teaming up with The Art School, Night Of The Jaguar & NO GLOBE to bring you an all out party and guess what, it's FREE for everyone, not just our fresh-faced friends!

Vic Bar // NOTJ

Taking over the Vic Bar will be Art School residents and new Subcity show hosts, Night of the Jaguar. This party will mark their move to a new fortnightly residency.

Assembly Hall // Subcity Radio

For the Assembly Hall we decided to put some of our most exciting new shows alongside some of our oldest (one is in fact our longest-serving show).

DBAC x Poppin'
Argonaut Sounds

Project Space // NO GLOBE

No Globe will be heading along the M8 from Edinburgh to start their new monthly residency at The Art School. Describing themselves as playing the best in 'Party Music Beyond Borders', it's bound to get sweaty in a 30 capacity room.

Posted at 12:45, 11th September 2014

events // Subcity: Coming Your Way

Subcity: Coming Your Way

Sleaze, sin and sex.


GK Machine
Claudia Nova


Thurs 5th Dec @ Nice'N'Sleazy


£3 OTD

Posted at 20:50, 29th November 2013

events // Subcity x

Subcity Image

Stereo Cafe Bar
Renfield Lane Glasgow

Wednesday 18th September

JD Twitch x Mother
Nightwave x Shaun Vitamins
Jasper James x Ryan All Caps
Bop Gun x Work For Love

To introduce all the new heads to Subcity we’ve gathered some of Glasgow’s most celebrated DJs and producers under one roof for a series of B2B performances.
One venue, two floors, nine acts.
The combined forces of Joe Crogan & Jordan Muir are installing a two floor visual production suite for your sensory pleasure.
Peep it.


Posted at 16:35, 13th September 2013

events // Wax On, Wax Off

Wax On, Wax Off

subcity x kill yr idols

The Berkeley Suite

Saturday 20th April
11:30pm - 3am

£3 / First 50 free

Lady Squalor
GK Machine
Work For Love

According to wikipedia and bearded men in music shops, records used to be pressed on WAX! Although this process has not been in use for nearly a century, the association of vinyl with wax is alive in our hearts, minds and youthful parlance enough to justify a club night and/or tenuous PR campaign. And that’s a FACT!

To mark International Wax Week (R.S.D), we are throwing an all-vinyl party with a lineup of some of the station’s best-loved record-lovers. This Record Store Day (I.W.W) dip your wick into the depths of the Berkeley Suite and get ready to gyrate repeatedly in a rhythmical fashion - for just a meagre £3 (that’s less than a cup of hot wax!)

To whet (or should that be WAX!!?) your appetite, we have asked our DJs to share their favourite WAX (wax) faxts (facts) exclusively for YOUR viewing PLEASURE?!

Can you BEE-lieve it!?

“The oldest burning candle was discovered in 1937 during the excavation of Ptolemy V’s tomb. Believed to have been lit in 689 BC, it is still burning to this day.” - Deena, 33, waxologist

WAX do you THINK of THAT!?

“In 1979 at the height of his fame, Lionel Richie bedded inconsequential TV personality Ruby Wax! The union produced a child, Vinyl Richie, who now works as a bus driver in Kilmarnock.” - Gordon Jr, 45, editor-in-chief WAX! magazine, Gary, also 45, friend of wax, Barrie, age undisclosed, friend of Gary

CANdle you believe it?!?!!

“The feminine form of wax is ‘waxxe’.” - Gordon VI, 78, unemployed, wax

WAX lyrical about THIS?!

“When converting ‘normal elvis’ to ‘obese latter day elvis’ Madame Tussauds Tennessee had to acquire an additional 15 tonnes of wax. That’s the equivalent of approximately 38,017 babybel wrappers, except not red.” - Liam, +8, amateur wax enthusiast

CANdle you BEE-lieve it!!!??!?

So come on guys - it’s time to buy shares in Discogs and live life to the WAX!

Posted at 20:30, 17th April 2013

events // Subcity x Shore

Subcity Image

The year’s drawing to a close; hand-in dates are now a terrifying reality instead of a distant nightmare, music blogs publish incessant best-of-year lists and people keep using that unholy C-word. But December isn’t all about overpriced poultry and the revival of cheesy Christmas jingles. It’s about sticking on some Waka Flocka, and doing your part for charity by teaching others how to dougie. (It’s also about Jesus.)

Drinks from £2 mean you can get merry and still afford those ultimately disappointing secret santa gifts that you are socially obliged to buy. Merry Christmas!

11:30pm - 3am
first 50 free/£3

Codeine Drums
Jackie Your Body
Masha (Deadly Rhythm)

Hosted in partnership with Shore

(Facebook Event)

Posted at 01:36, 4th December 2012

events // You Are Here 2012

You Are Here Logo

Glasgow, among its other cultural accolades, boasts a rich and vibrant musical tapestry. Its venues, labels, bands and club nights are testament to its place as one of the most innovative and creative cities in the UK.

Subcity has and continues to provide a platform for the city’s musical community; throughout Freshers’ Week, we'll be showcasing a programme of stuff that interests us.

Bronagh Monahan (live)
Deadbeat Club Pub Quiz
Gutter Riddim Grime DVD Screening
Miaoux Miaoux (live)
Michael Cassidy (live)
'Paris Is Burning' DVD Screening
Poor Things (live)
Pronto Mama (live)
This Silent Forest (live)

As if that’s not enough, some of our contributors will be repping Subcity at the Freshers' Fair with DJ sets.

It all kicks off September 10th, so come down, get involved and immerse yourself in the city's cultural melting pot.

Posted at 15:44, 9th September 2012

events // Bright Lights, Subcity

Bright Lights

Chambre 69 // 12th September // £3/4 - Free with Fresher's Pass // Facebook

Starring Michael J Fox as you, Andrew McCarthy as Grant Management and John Candy as the man who misses the urinal and pisses on your shoes.

Every small town kid dreams of moving to the big city, a glittering world of perms, glamour and chinese buffet restaurants open until 4 am. Well, now the time has come to leave those little league suburbs behind. Time to tell your parents ‘thanks, but your consistent love and support is, frankly, stifling’ (that’ll show them!). Time to pack yourself off to the metropolis!

These first few weeks are tough. Around every corner lurks a threat, be it a vice touting, leather jacket wearing maverick in wraparound Ray Bans, or a geography student wanting to know what you took at Higher. Stay alert; this city’s a dangerous place. If you’re not careful, you could end up becoming embroiled in its sleazy underworld, a blur of neon lights, bad dancing and hedonism.

But, if you’re too careful, then you might not be.

We’re having a party to corrupt your minds before Jack Bauer can.

The Awkward Sons of Patrick Stewart
Baby Diego (Mortar & Pestle)
Digital Dust
Earthly Matters
Hector's House
Metropolis Sound
New Life

Posted at 23:52, 2nd September 2012

events // Subcity in Stereo #1


Stereo // 16th February // £4 // Facebook

Coming soon: this time, in Stereo!

Have we got a programme for you. Subcity presents... all your favourite radio stars under one roof. (Every third) Thursday nights will never be the same again, as we launch a new monthly series considered too vulgar for the BBC, too edgy for STV and too highbrow for channel five.

Drama! Romance! Cheap cans of Oranjeboom!

Episode 1 (pilot) - airs 16th Feb

First in a new series. Things kick off to an exciting start when the exam results come in - but will the vicar accept culpability? And what exactly has Gloria been keeping in her outhouse for all those months?



Codeine Drums



Episode 2 - airs 15th March

Pam has a proposition for Donald - but will Derek be able to accept it?

Posted at 18:26, 2nd February 2012

events // Subcity Night Vision

Subcity Night Vision

Subclub // Free with a Freshers Pass // £5 (student/ non-student before 11) // £7 (non-student after 11) // 14th September // Facebook

Face it. Summer’s gone, and it’s that time of year again where rollicking students in ties and fake glasses outnumber authentic school children 5:1.

It’s been a while since we last threw you kids a party, but this one should be enough to make you forget all about that demeaning summer job, and start remembering what it feels like to wake up knowing you’ve said goodbye to another two hearing grades. To kick off the year Subcity are heading underground, and we’re bringing the city with us. This is our night vision.

We’re not talking about the kind of night vision you’d find on ‘Derek Acorah’s Spookiest Bungalows’. There’ll be no heavy breathing, wobbly cameras or Early Learning Centre spy goggles. Instead, we’ve got some of the station’s finest DJ’s guiding you through the hottest records in their crates and pranging out the sweetest dubs for your bass starved ears.

Expect sound. Expect production. Expect hyperbole... licence pending.

Posted at 14:19, 5th September 2011

events // Vibes

Vibes poster by Joe Crogan

SWG3 // £5 // 21st May // Facebook event

Lets get this started, there’s only soo many kicks to the kidneys by pricks shouting “here we fucking go!” that beautiful summer babies can take. This is the season of lil denim cutoffs, hating your day job the most and taking on those long summer nights with every kid in your city.

This is the station dedicated to keeping it fresh, free-form and not-for-profit, so forget those sweatboxes pranging out dick slapping brostep, we have some of the station’s crate diggers to vibe with this bitch all night long. Cheap tickets, no bullshit, all fun at the newly refurbished SWG3. These long summer nights are for everyone - even you bb, even you.

Posted at 20:54, 2nd May 2011

events // Subcity's Sweet Sixteen

Subcity's Sweet Sixteen poster design

Saturday 5th March, 11pm-3am, The Arches (map)
£8 advance from SRC Reception, John McIntyre Building (map)
£10 door

Facebook Event // Buy Tickets Online

Sweet Sixteen is going to be the envy of every over-indulged brat that’s ever wailed about their unicorn drawn carriage being the wrong shade of blue. This isn’t some simple legal convention, we are not coming of age: we know how to throw a party. So while there’s no gift wrapped Hummers sitting in our Daddy’s garage, or a thousand Taiwanese orphans putting the last few crystals into the platinum tiara that completes outfit no. ...7, we are giving over The Arches to the garish and tacky, with some of the station’s dreamiest pinups celebrating sixteen years of free-form radio that only a mother could love.

One More Tune
Dim Sum (Deadly Rhythm)
Datarape (live)
HaHaHa b2b Raksha
Jackie Your Body
Beat Beneath
Worst Chips Ever

Posted at 20:29, 17th February 2011

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