events // Subcity x Sleazys // Saturday...

Subcity X Sleazy's

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We were away for a quick holiday, but we’ve brought the sunshine vibes back with us - Subcity’s returning to Sleazys, and this time we’re shaking the foundations with some truly exotic acts. Leave the sunblock at home.

New Latin Flirt

At the cutting edge of the burgeoning Latin music scene, New Latin Flirt have been treating Gl...


Posted at 23:38, 27th July 2015

events // Coral Reef: A Subcity Radio Documentary

Coral Reef

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Screening // Assembly Hall // 19.30-21.00 // Free

Subcity Radio invites you to the first screening of Coral Reef, a short documentary film looking at the last 20 years of the station, Directed by Robert J. Hunter, the documentary tracks the oral history of the rich and vibrant community of tech nerds, genre geeks and party fanatics...


Posted at 23:31, 27th July 2015

about // Join the Team 2015

Subcity office

Applications are now closed.

Subcity is hiring! After an amazing 20th year we think it’s about high time we began world domination; after all, once we’re 21 we can legally adopt a child and drive a lorry over 7.5 tonnes - radio knows no bounds. To help us on our trajectory we’re looking for some seriously special individuals. Posts include:...


Posted at 18:19, 26th June 2015

events // Subcity x Sleazys // Saturday...

Subcity x Sleazys

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Another world.

Another time.

In the age, of wonder.

Come with us as we take a trip back over 20 years- a place where after 40 years of tensions, a new beginning is in sight. The GDR is crumbling, the world is watching, and The Wall is coming down. Grey surroundings and the crash of industrial furnaces are replaced by the sounds of a h...


Posted at 11:38, 10th June 2015

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