about // Join the Team 2015

Subcity office

Subcity is hiring! After an amazing 20th year we think it’s about high time we began world domination; after all, once we’re 21 we can legally adopt a child and drive a lorry over 7.5 tonnes - radio knows no bounds. To help us on our trajectory we’re looking for some seriously special individuals. Posts include: Head of On-Air, Head of Off...


Posted at 18:19, 26th June 2015

events // Subcity x Sleazys // Saturday...

Subcity x Sleazys

Facebook Event

Another world.

Another time.

In the age, of wonder.

Come with us as we take a trip back over 20 years- a place where after 40 years of tensions, a new beginning is in sight. The GDR is crumbling, the world is watching, and The Wall is coming down. Grey surroundings and the crash of industrial furnaces are replaced by the sounds of a h...


Posted at 11:38, 10th June 2015

about // Applications for New Shows

Show Applications

Would you rather be heard and not seen? Like to spend time in dark rooms playing records? Do you have an opinion that you just can’t keep to yourself? 

This is an open call to DJ's, presenters, poets, and ramblers alike, if you have a bit of spare time and would like to become a part of the Subcity dream team then now is your chance. Applicati...


Posted at 22:52, 3rd June 2015

listen // LIVE from Sub Hub Glasgow

Sub Hub Glasgow

31/3/15 - 26/4/15


We're teaming up with the legendary Sub Club to broadcast LIVE from Sub Hub Glasgow throughout April.

Sub Hub aims to bring some of Glasgow’s finest creative talent together in a spectacular loft space right in the heart of the City Centre. We've gathered a mixture of DJs from the station and local com...


Posted at 12:42, 31st March 2015

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