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Wrong Hands
punk // noise // experimental // psych // freeform

Wrong Hands is a peculiarity, but not entirely unfamiliar. Wrong Hands is not a concept, it is a radio show. It seeks to fulfill the need to play, and to hear "good music". There shall be no "dross". Wrong Hands is neither jubilant nor funereal. It is steady. Wrong Hands raises the bar. Mostly vinyl, much rare, plenty not. Off-beat rhythms and open-ended conclusions; Wrong Hands is entirely at the will of the participant.

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THe WeEkEnD WiNd DoWnnn
13/04/2014 // THe WeEkEnD WiNd DoWnnn

Luca George steps in the mix for a proper Sunday night chillout sesh. Adding a little soothing sunshine into your life, Wrong Hands once again raises the bar.

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