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Bath Time with Your Host
The Womb Room
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'M' Opening
  Sarah Hopkins
   Cello and Whirlies
  Oliver Coates
sound birth effect
your host is in the tub
   Water Music
  K. Leimer
  Palace Of Lights
   Up a Lazy River
  The Ink Spots
severe record scratch
   The Numbering Song
  unknown artist
  Happy Time Recordings
   Nexus on the Beach
  Roberto Musci
  Music From Memory
a reading from SPAM magazine
   Hello Roomate
  Vic Dana
tub talking
   Water Music
  Roberto Musci
  Music From Memory
   When a Dolphin Saves a Baby
  Roberto Musci
  Music From Memory
   Organic Acid
  Kate Bush
  Pheonix Demos
   Train your Child
  Washington Phillips
   when we all become famous in the sky
  Daniel Johnson
   Lullabbies... Mother Sings... Father Sings...
  Robert Musci
  Music From Memory
SHAMPOO by Michael Rosen
   Bath time/ hide and seek
  Dumbo OST
  Lowney's Chocolates
   Portland Town
  Classroom Projects/Folk Group
pubescent shaving nostalgia
   I'm Clean Now
  Yellow Electric
   Teenage Moustache
  The Microphones
  P.W. Elverum & Sun, Ltd
   Side B
  Kosichkin Tapes
   Clap Your Tentacles
  Happy Monsters
   fire ant
   Mothertongue III Hress
  Nico Muhly
  Bedroom Community
Breath Hold
   Delete Beach
  Mica Levi
Host Tongues
   Mumsy Nanny Sonny and Girly
  The Sixth Form
  Mushroom Pillow
   Accepting Responsibility
  Horace Silver
  Guide to Growing Up
   Puppets Strange Dream Circus Band
  Masayoshi Fujita
  Erased Tapes
Dumbo nightmare flashback
   The Lost Child
  Stripling Brothers
   Grandstand Theme
  Keith Mansfield
   Brite Boy
  Alex G
Breath Hold Release
   Dance PM
  Hiroshi Yoshimura
  Empire of Signs
   Instrumentals Volume II
  Arthur Russell
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