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So You were Free : So Happy Birthday
The Womb Room
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  Spice Girls
   Strawberry Fair
  Ye Olde Moog
Glasgow Childrens Samba Band
   He Needs Me
  Shelly Duval
Josie and Maisie
   Winifer Odd
  Lal and Mike Waterson
The Little Prince in Tetum by Gordon
   Role in Creation
  Yves Tumour
Dad tells story of The Talking Tortoise
  Philip Glass
   Born, Never Asked
  Laurie Anderson
Fancy Rats
   Willow Garden
  Rough Trade
  Ennio Morricone
Marjoe Gortner 8 yr Old Evangelical Preacher
   My Children
  Sun Ra
   Oooh Child
  Nina Simone
   Puttin' on the Ritz
  Terry Snyder
  Koichi Makigami
   I Think I'm Going Out of my Head
  Little Anthony and the Imperials
   Boutique Joy
  Yasuaki Schimizu
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