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The Womb Room
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The Womb Room is a midnight lullaby for grown-ups, teenage folk, kids and wee babbas.
It is a collection of music and stories to explore childhood in all it's strangeness and glory.
It is best experienced in bed in the last hour of the week, half drifting off into the mystery of sleep - although sometimes it might rouse you into startled fright.

You can expect music made by children, about children or for children.

Welcome, friend or foe!

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   21:00 - 22:30
   Fri, 05/06/2020
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Dawning of the Flower Moon
06/05/2020 // Dawn Chorus to Hypnagogia

Good morning and night hunkerdowners!

In this episode on the night of Mays Flower Moon in week 5(6?) of Lockdown we're waking up and stretching in the light of the early sun and late moon with the morning chorus. Lots of birds (what is it exactly the wood pigeon is trying to communicate to us?) in the first half and then moving into something more blurry and wuuuuuuu. . .

Of course we take our hats off to her, The Harsh Mistress, but also relish the joy of this ridiculous season - venturing into acid territory. Then midnight Jamaican doo-wop and moonglow power ballads aye aye.

Then after the peak we get dreamy so you can proper lose lucidity to some ideal noises.

Thanks to Gordon, Arun and Laura for letting me borrow their voices. Also to all the Subcity people who make this happen and let it happen. Huge thanks.

Anyone involved with UBU web as its a wet dream treasure trove of delights. Its avant garde accessibility for the worrrrrrld! http://ubu.com/sound/

Death is Not the End label incredible buried music brought to the light again. https://deathisnot.bandcamp.com/

Also some unbelievably beautiful tracks from some amazing artists on Portland based label Sahel Sounds, who focus on music coming out of West African Sahel. Dig deep people, its aaaaall so good. https://sahelsounds.bandcamp.com/

Thanks to you for listening. . . . hope the sun/moon whatever gives you solace is working out. Where the bleedin bloody heck does the time go?

Love, S x x x

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