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Winter is fine
folk // diy // glasgow // discussion // experimentalmusic

Winter Is Fine collects places, sounds, music and words to be shared each month. Following a loose tangential theme, each episode finds us somewhere in Glasgow, seeking warmth and finding it in people and the places they build together. Hosted by Alice and Mattie alltime friends and sometimes collaborators who can ordinarily be found working on festivals and events. 2020 has seen them translate their endeavours for the airwaves.

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   11:00 - 12:00
   Sun, 21/03/2021
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Winter is Fine 02: No talk / Joyful Hibernation
21/02/2021 // Winter is Fine 02: No talk / Joyful Hibernation

No sounds from around this city this month but joyful sounds from our hibernations at home.

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