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Winning Sperm Party Radio
alternativerock // glasgowmusic // underground // independent

From the ashes of last year's Cry Parrot show - a show that brought you a deep insight into the independent Scottish music scene - comes Winning Sperm Party radio! Winning Sperm Party has been existence for almost a year now as an online zine, record label, soon to be nightclub and gig promotions company. On the show, expect: news and tunes from the Scottish underground and around the world, guest interviews, gig previews and unacceptable banter from hosts Fielding and Rob!

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Ths & Groaner
28/04/2009 // Ths & Groaner

Stream the latest Winning Sperm Party release Groaner's Eremite Beast at http://www.winningspermparty.com/groaner

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