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Carbonated mind & body refreshment
Wild Combination
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   This Is a Mans, Mans World
  Saada Bonaire
   Scharfer Schnitt
  Populare Mechanik
  Populare Mechanik
   Keine Python
  Emotional Rescue
  Beautiful Swimmers
  Future Times
   Bumpin' On Sunset
  Leon Lowman
  Music From Memory
  Cherry Red
   Tutti Frutti Del Mar
  DJ Fett Burger & Telephones
  Sex Tags UFO
   Jungle Dancing
  Leisure Connection
  Rush Hour [no label series]
   Way Of Life
  100% Silk
   Live In A Lift
   You Could Be More As You Are
  Saada Bonaire
   You're No Good
  Marie Laure Sachs
  Disco PIU
   Deep Sleep
  Warner Bros.
   I Want Your Body
  Ken Elliot
   Don't Stop
   Black Ivory
  Levi John
  Solar Sounds
   If It Don't Turn You On
  Andre Saunders Presents New York Sleeze
   Hot Summer Nights (Instrumental)
  Love Club
  West End
   Night Work (Club Mix)
   I Wanna Make Love To You
  Nadie La Found (sic)
   Gunese Don Cicegim
   Won't Be Your Fool
  Escape From New York
   Morning Song
  Leon Lowman
  Music From Memory
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