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A Double Sight for sore ears
Wild Combination
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   Jeene Ka Naam
  Asha Bhosle
  Count Down
   Gunese Don Cicegim
   Walk On Guilded Splinters
  Marsha Hunt
  Valery Btesh & Tangerine
   Denizalti Ruzgarlari
  Okay Temiz
   Soyle Beni
Holly's selections...
   Flight 2
  Angelo & Eighteen
   Remember Me
  Tame Impala
  Le Macchie Rosse
   Wade In The Shade
  Daddy Ilndburd
   Make Love
  The Grabbleton
   Come c'mon
  Satin Bells
   Seeing Is Believing
  Little League
   Holding A Dream
  Gene Latter
   Strange Things Are Happening
  Rings & Things
   Shelter Song
   Campos De Vampiros
  Los Holy's
  Sono Radio
   Mother Nature-Father Earth
  The Music Machine
   I Wanna Be Your Dog
  The Stooges
Jamo's picks...
   25 O'Clock
  Dukes of Stratosphear
   Crawdaddy Simone
   Don't Lose Your Mind
  Galaxy IV
  RCA Victor
Jamo's secret special selection... shhhhhhhh!!!
   Svolta Difinitiva
  Ennio Morricone
   E Gia Tardi Ormai
  Gianni Pettenati E I Tombstones
   Preistoria Preistoria
  Berry Window
   Fallait Pas Ecraser Le Queue Du Chat
   Nous Sommes Bi-Bi Ba-Ba Boum-Boum
  Les Lunours
   From The Moon
  Elias Rahbani And His Orchestra
   For Your Infarmation
   Love Buzz
  Shocking Blue
  Pink Elephant
  Dave Pike Set
DB for the last one...
   Take It Easy Baby
  T. Swift & The Electric Bag
For more information on the Double Sight weekender visit www.doublesightweekender.com
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