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Undone in London
Wild Combination
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   Rockers Delight [Version]
  Prince Blackman
  Solar Sounds
   I Am In Love
  Jennifer Lara
  Soul Jazz
   Take It Easy
  Soweto Soul Orchestra
   Perdido en el Universo
   Faster than a speeding bullet
   Slave to the rhythm [Blooded]
  Grace Jones
   If it's love that you want [instrumental]
  Diggy Tal & The Numbers
   Let's get together
  Invisible City Editions [TP]
   Sweet dreams
  Alwin Reingoud
   If you want me to stay
  Sly and the Family Stone
   Ce Soir
  Beauregard, Violetti, Ste-Claire
   Harmony Cats theme
  Harmony Cats
   Wanna make love to you
  Nadie La Fonde
   Check it out
  Wild Fire
  Kala Loo
   Use Me John
  Adolf Ahanotu
   Willow man
  Willow Band
   Cancion Ritual
  Hot Pepper
  Discos CE
   Your Love
  Jo Bisso
   Stopping Version
  Risco Connection
  Black Rose
   The talking fish
  Ibibio Sound Machine
  Sound Way
   Hang 'em high
  Soweto Soul Orchestra
   Black gold
  Tala AM
   I love you
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