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Sunshine Baby
Wild Combination
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   Sunshine Baby
   Mister Iceberg
  Serge Gainsbourg
   Sov Med Mig
   Whizz Kids
  Gareth John
   Not Easy [to love]
  Brenda Ray
   Jamaican Kid
  Do It Yourself Orchestra
   Reggae Train
  Dennis Bovell & William Farley
   Oye Oye Reggae
   Lo Hi
  Peaking Lights
Slightly abrupt ending due to needle issues.
   Yesterday Is Dead [Johnny Nash Remix]
  Sea Power & Change
  ESP Institute
Dur Dur Band Twinspin
   Lazy Bones
   Orere Elejigbo
  Lijadu Sisters
  Soul Jazz/Afrodisia
[Fast fade for the finish on the hour...sorry]
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