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Western Feelings
newmusic // easylistening // alternative // feelgood // healthy

Western Feelings is all about love. But not your soppy, romantic, valentine's day love. It's about love for you and your friends, the music and the world! If you're feeling down, had a rough day or a long night or maybe you've just got a lot of love to give, come share an hour with us. We've got the music to bring you up, keep you up and spread the good vibes. We'll make you fall in love with the girl next door, your best friend and the whole street. Bask in a hour filled with all types of music, but only the songs that will make you happy! Sometimes we'll have guests (interesting, inspirational, fun-filled people), sometimes we'll preview events in our area, and sometimes it will just be our selection of the most beautiful songs to light up your day.

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Stags,Daggers and Funnest Moments
13/05/2012 // Stags, Daggers, and Funnest Moments

Yo Yo so after an exam related absence from the airwaves, Western Feelings is back on the 13th of may. As the summer edges nearer and the freedom to do what we actually want becomes a more often recurring reality, we look ahead to all the exciting things happening in Glasgow gig-wise over the coming few weeks. With a feature on the up and coming Stag and Dagger festival and the Return of Optimo, as well as a wonderfully hilarious chat with a few of the folk round glasgow town, the show's looking to be good one! make sure to give it a listen!

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