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Sixty Two - Channel One Special w/ Decades of Dub
Well Bless
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   Old Marcus Garvey
  Burning Spear
  Ronnie Davis
   Proverbs Extractions
  Pablo Moses
   Going Places
  Hugh Mundell
  Dandy - Lion
   African Blood
  Singers & Players
   Youthman You're Blessed
  The Twinkle Brothers
   Love One Another
  Althea & Donna
   Beat Them Jah
  Robert Mystic
   Rat A Cut Bottle
  Lion Youth
   Why Can't You Leave The Dreadlocks Alone
  Ranking Tiger
   Push Push
  Al Campbell
   No More Walls
  Prince Alla
   African Blood
  Keety Roots
  White Label
   Door Peep
  King Kong
  White Label
   Solid Foundation
  Dan I Locks
  Ashanti Selah
   Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
  Black Uhuru
  Blank label
   His Foundation
  Aqua Levi
   Donovan Kingjay
  White Label
   Cyan Ta
  Jerry Lionz
  White Label
   Be Positive
  Mikey General/ Luciano
  x 3
   Urban Style
  Martin Campbell
  White Label
   War Flute
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