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Dam Mantle & Joshua Duncan
Wavy Graves
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   The Tuffest of the Tuffest
  James Harris
  Warrior Dance
  African Headcharge
   Morning Prayer
  Kieran Hebden // Steve Reid
  Don Cherry
   Burn Them
  The Upsetters
  Clock Tower
   Mini Culcha (Beautiful Swimmers Remix)
  Mo Kolours
   Dellwood 2
  Theo Parrish
   Canto Della Liberta
  3rd Face
   What About You (In The World Today)
  Co-Real Artists
  Stones Throw
   The Wise Old Man
  Professor Genius
   I'm Half
  The Neon Judgement
  Play It Again Sam
   Simon's Vl-1
  Aqua Regia
   Amlak Yimesgen
  Kibir la Amlak
  Kibir la Amlak
   Zulu dawn
  Every Lion // Lidj Xylon
  Sufferah's Choice
  Bowell Radics
   Dredd Music
  Mo Kolours
  Cru Servers
  Bomb Shop
  Lonnie Liston Smith
more to follow...
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