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#18 Aidan Moffat & Bill Wells
Wavy Graves
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   What Do You Turn On When You Turn On (edit)
  Timothy Leary
  bootleg edit
   Programme Me
  Bruce Haack
   Don't Just Stand There
  Soft Circle
  Post Present Medium
   U U I (SUPER 32)
  The Hers
   Somebody Scream
  Blues Control // Laraaji
  RVNG Intl.
  Sun Araw // M. Geddes Gengras // The Congos
  RVNG Intl.
   1 AM
  Tom Wilson
  Eddie Woods
  Sloow Tapes
   Ballad of a Bastard (live)
  Aidan Moffat // Bill Wells
   Stabbed in Hamburg
  Bill Wells // Maher Shalal Hash Baz
  Karaoke Kalk
   Speedboat Exit Miami Sunset
  Food Pyramid
  Moon Glyph
   Oakwood Green
  Deux Filles
  Papier Mache
   Pntps 3
  Bill Wells // Stefan Schneider
  Karaoke Kalk
   Azui Primeira Trova
  Dolphins Into The Future
  Underwater Peoples
   Rowing Without Oars
  Bill Wells // Annie Whitehead // Stefan Schneider // Barbara Morgenstern
  Karaoke Kalk
   Qweek Plus Enner (outro too)
  Ben Vida
   (If You) Keep Me In Your Heart (live)
  Aidan Moffat // Bill Wells
   It's Raining Here
  Eddie 'One String' Jones
  Gazell Documents
   Pink Kitty
  Bill Wells Octet // Future Pilot AKA
  Peter Zummo
   The Greatest Story Ever Told (live)
  Aidan Moffat // Bill Wells
   Evil Masters
  Andy Boay
  Does Are
  Rough Trade
   Part 4
  Louise Landes Levi
  Sloow Tapes
  Library Assistants
  No Fans
   Violin Solo Vol.2
  C.S. Yeh
  Drowned Disco
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