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Wavy Graves
electronic // jazz // pyschedelic // experimental

E V E R Y T H I N G B 2 B

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Becoming Real
25/10/2013 // Becoming Real

Moving through diverse sounds and moments alongside guest selector Becoming Real.

Introduced by the stripped, lyrically punctuated NY deep house of Galcher Lustverk. With moments of Harold Nose reading his delirious cut-ups of satirical, erotic and obscene sonnets by the 19th century Roman poet G.G. Belli. The excerpt is taken from ‘Take a Chance In The Void: Harold Norse at the Beat Hotel’, which continues Sloow Tapes' unearthing of 20th century poetry and spoken word.

Humorously detached poetic observations and electronics from Dale Cornish, taken from his Fleshpile Stockpile record available via the ever engaging publishers The Tapeworm.

"More hiss than a club soda" from Cyclops, and an uneasy synthesised composition from Asmus Tietchens --taken from the first in a series from Bureau B’s re-releases of the German composer’s early work.

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