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#006 - The Show Before Christmas
Walk n Skank
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Walk n Skank Intro
   Bad boy Charlie
  Charlie Organaire
  Studio One
   Hi Fashion Christmas
  Dillinger // Brentford all stars
  Studio One
   Orphan child
  Steve Knight
  Tasha Records
   Raise again
  Midnight Riders
  Tasha Records
   Steamers a bubble
   My sound a danger
  O.B.F. // Mikey General
  Dubquake Records
   Reconquering lion
  Benidub // Yabby U
   Right there
  Dubkasm // Turbulence
   Boom body
  Iron Dubz // Lilly Melody
  Iron Dubz
   Dance ram
  Iron Dubz // Purpleman
  Iron Dubz
   Money trouble
  Danny T & Tradesman // Ranking Levy
  Pure Niceness
   Bubble up
  Danny T & Tradesman // Ill Mega
  Pure Niceness
   Christmas medley
  Cocoa Tea
   In the ghetto
  Higgs & Twins
  Super Power
   Animal dance
  Mungo's Hi Fi // Speng Bond
  Scotch Bonnet
   Rough winer
   Cool n Sekkle
  Ras Tweed
  Salomon Heritage
   Rebel with a cause
  Dennis Brown
   Trade mark
  Jackie Mittoo
   Smooth Sailing
  Major Lazer
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