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the wabbit hole
hiphop // ambient // triphop // downtempo // acidjazz

Searching for sublime sounds in downtempo genres? Stumble down the wabbit hole. Trip hop and hip hop to familiar beats then chill out and fade out to the ambient stuff. Each show features an adventure into a themed subgenre as the playlist soothes and grooves. Hope your ears melt (in moderation).

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The Big Sampler!
08/10/2015 // Greetings and some songs

Greetings! If you've stumbled across this show it should give you an introduction to the vibe of the music that'll be playing here... This week, Blockhead (who'll also be featured later on the show) kicks off the first song with his characteristically sample-driven beats. Then some atmospheric hip hop will be played until The Books' "Take Time" and Thallus'"focus the play" bridge us into some more traditional trip hop. We end with Black Moth Super Rainbow and Alex Burey, both of whose music is incredibly, deeply dreamy in completely different styles. In later weeks there will be themed episodes or featured artists to round out the mood, or give it a little more meaning. Be back in two weeks, thanks for listening.

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