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In memory of the Vic
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Sam x Shaun x Cheesy x Luke
   Everything you got now
  Al Ripken
  White Label
   Boy U Got Me
  White Label
  Andy Mac
  Punch Drunk
   I Need Your Love
  MJ Cole // Dub Syndicate
  Dubz for Klubz
   Ordinary Things
  Ten Thousand Yen
   Youth Blood (Bok Bok Remix)
/// interview with Alan Miller aka hushpuppy from Record Playerz. Talking about DJing in a cloakroom and 17 years worth of art school memories ////
   By The Time They Reach You (The Bag Raiders Remix)
  Lil Silva
  Good Years
   sicko cell (shaun fae solar edit)
  unknown artist
   Minutes of Funk
  Addison Groove
//// Interview with Dema from Freakmoves, talking about being sick after one pint and booking his heroes /////
   Drop (Instrumental)
  The Pharcyde
  Delicious Vinyl
   Chrysanthemum Flowers
  MF Doom // Metal Fingers
  Shaman Works
   Witness (one hope)
  Roots Manuva
  Big Dada
/// S-Type in the mix ///
  Roger Troutman
  Warner Bros.
   Why You Wanna
   Drum Line
  White Label
  Sir OJ
   I'm On one
  DJ Khaled // Drake // Rick Ross // Lil' Wayne
  White Label
   Knock You Down (instrumental)
  Keri Hilson
   Party Animal (Hudson Mohawke remix)
  Gucci Mane
  White Label
   Did It On Em
  Nicki Minaj
  Young Money
   Volume One (S-Type remix)
  River Of Slime
  Phuture Labs
//// 15 second silence for the Art School (sound gets better from here) ////
   Two Can Win
  J Dilla
  Stones Throw
//// Interview with Andrew Devine talking about his 21 years of Art School DJing ////
   Seven Days Too Long
  Chuck Wood
   Nothing But A Heartache
  The Flirtations
   She's Got That Vibe
  R Kelly
   What's On Your Mind
  Tony Cook and the Party People // Dâm-Funk
  Stones Throw
   Numbers In Action (Sticky Remix)
  Big Dada
  BPitch Control
//// Interview with Benny Boom talking about underage clubbing and the past 7 years of Mixed Bizness at The Art School ////
   Dogs and Sledges
  Freestylers // Million Dan
  Against the Grain
   I'm With The Girls (DJ ABCDEFG Remix)
  Money Studies
   Senta (Emynd's Mighty Quinn Piano Blend)
  French Fries
  White Label
   Stop Screamin
  Wax Master Maurice
  Dance Mania
   Freak Like Me (Brenmar Remix)
  DJ Deeon
  White Label
   Find Your Way
  Punch Drunk
   This Is It
  Addison Groove
   A Millie (harmonimix)
  Lil' Wayne
  White Label
   Hitmane's Anthem
   Love U Found
  DJ Rashad
   6 Foot 7 Foot
  Lil' Wayne // Corey Gunz
  Cash Money
   Room Mist
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