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hiphop // techno // house

Shaun and Sam from the Vitamins crew delve deep into the past, present and future of dance music from Glasgow and beyond. Get in touch or keep an eye on upcoming events: www.thosevitamins.com www.facebook.com/thosevitamins www.twitter.com/thosevitamins

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Vitamins 8 Preview w/ Dam Mantle
09/08/2012 // Vitamins 8 preview w/ Dam Mantle

We're back in the Subcity Studio tonight ahead of our third annual summer party - Vitamins 8. To set things off, we have a 30 minute mix from Dam Mantle, comprised of hypnotic house and forward thinking beat work that complements this rare Glaswegian sunshine perfectly. Shaun & Sam will also be selecting tracks that will feature in their set tomorrow night.

We'll also be giving away a pair of tickets for the event. To enter, simply share this episode link on Facebook. The winners will be chosen at random and announced on air live

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