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2013's New Groove...
Vinyl Cut
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   Main Title (The Emperor's New Groove)
  John Debney
   Perfect World
  Tom Jones // John Debney
   Opening: The Merry-go-round of Life
  Joe Hisaishi
  Kavinsky // Lovefoxxx
  Republic of Music
  Adele // Thomas Newman
  Pias Uk Ltd
   Brave New World
  Thomas Newman
  Sony Music Classical
   Able-Bodied Seamen
  Jonny Greenwood
   Straight Time (Main Theme)
  David Shire
  White Label
   Woke Up This Morning (The Sopranos)
  Alabama 3
  Play-Tone/Columbia/Sony Music Soundtrax
   Jam for World in Action
  Jonathon Weston // Shawn Phillips
  White Label
   The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Theme)
  Will Smith // Quincy Jones
   Funeral March of a Marionette
  Charles Gounod
   Tourist Trap (Main Titles)
  Pino Donaggio
  Varese Sarabande
   Love Theme/Shrine
  Pino Donaggio
  Varese Sarabande
   Davey's Waltz
  Pino Donaggio
  Varese Sarabande
   Tiptoe Though the Tulips
  Tiny Tim
  Bear Family
   The Land of Might-Have-Been
  Jeremy Northam // Christopher Northam // Ivor Novello
   Young and Beautiful
  Elvis Presley
  White Label
   Only You Tonight
  Donna De Lory
  White Swan
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