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The Show That Almost Wasn't, But Then Was
Vinyl Cut
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   Main Title from Terminator 2
  Brad Fiedel
  BSX Records
   Natural One
  Folk Implosion
  Stingray Music
   Take a Run at the Sun
  Dinosaur Jr
  Blanco Y Negro
   Countdown for Blofeld
  John Barry
  Mixed Repertoire
   In My Life
  Sean Connery // The Beatles
   Am I Not Merciful? (excerpt)
  Hans Zimmer
   Video Killed the Radio Star
  The Buggles
  Universal Music Group International
   Satori part 1
  Flower Travellin' Band
  WM Japan
   Mark's Theme (from A Better Tomorrow)
  Joseph Koo
  75 Ark
   Ice Cream Song
  David Hess
  White Label
   The Critic (Main Theme)
  Hans Zimmer
  White Label
   Parks and Recreation (Main Theme)
  Gaby Moreno // Vincent Jones
  White Label
   The Adventures of Tintin (Main Theme)
  Ray Parker Jr // Tom Szczesniak
  White Label
   Steptoe and Son (Main Theme)
  The Ron Grainer Orchestra
  play it again
   A Real Hero
  Valerie Records
   Phir Wohi Dil Laaya Hoon
  Asha Bhosle
   Mater Tenebrarum
  Keith Emerson
  White Label
   La Mer
  Charles Trenet
  La Chanson Francaise
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