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Real Horrorshow
Vinyl Cut
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   Eye of the Tiger
  London Symphony Orchestra // Survivor
   Dracula, Prince of Darkness
  James Bernard
  White Label
   Dracula: The Beginning
  Wojciech Kilar
  Sony Music CMG
   Ghost Story (Main Theme)
  Philippe Sarde
  BSX Records
   H20: Halloween (Main Titles)
  John Ottman
  Varese Sarabande
   For Whom the Bell Tolls
   One More Night
  Francesco DeMasi
  White Label
   Arrival of the Birds and Transition
  The Cinematic Orchestra
   Mega Turrican - Stage 1-1
  Chris Hülsbeck
  White Label
   Main Titles (Aliens)
  James Horner // Aram Khachaturian
  Varese Sarabande
   Ripley's Rescue
  James Horner
  Varese Sarabande
   Queen to Bishop and Resolution
  James Horner
  Varese Sarabande
   Gotta Get You Into My Life
  Little Joe (Pesci)
   Take Your Love and Shove It
  Little Joe (Pesci)
   Main Title (I Had A Farm In Africa)
  John Barry
  Varese Sarabande
   It Was Always You, Helen
  Philip Glass // Michael Riesman
  Orange Mountain
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