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Vinyl Cut
soundtrack // film // moviemusic // filmtrivia

The Vinyl Cut brings you a monthly melange of soundtrack and movie-related music, lovingly collected and delivered by uniquely informative film-fan-muso geeks Dave Gillies and Anthony O'Donnell. Produced by Chris Nelms. Expect a heady mix of true soundtrack classics, obscure-but-fantastic movie cuts, outlandish crossover efforts and movie-related tunes we just love, dammit!

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29/01/2012 // The One Where We Didn't Have a Producer

The rules are going out with the window this month at the Vinyl Cut, with a real mixed bag of disparate picks spewed direct from the 'curious' brains of Dave and Anth!

We're not straying too far from the formula, though, so you can expect the usual mishmash of legitimate soundtrack music, killer songs from movies and forgotten classics of the silver screen, including contributions from Danny Elfman, Christopher Young, Joe Esposito and even a track featuring voodoo-soaked Brazilian horror director Coffin Joe himself!

Also this month, a special edition of TV Quick with an emphasis on spy/espionage TV shows. Be seeing you!

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