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002: Mondo Bongo Club vs Grand Unify Grooves
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Round 1: From Paris to Berlin
Grand Unify Grooves
   Music Madness (Extended Charles Maurice Version)
  Beckie Bell
   Super Star
  Six A.M.
   C’est Toujours Comme Ça L'amour
   The Optimistic Voyeur
  Yse Saint Laur'ant
   Foux Du Fafa
  Flight Of The Conchords
  Sub Pop
   Paris Is Burning
  Marble Players
   Dancing In Berlin
   The Model (GUG Edit)
Mondo Bongo Club
   Disco Bass
  DD Sound
   Disques Flèche
   Get On The Funk Train
  Munich Machine
   Tic Nervoso
  Berto Pisano
  Beat Records Company
Round 2: Space Raiders
Mondo Bongo Club
   Space Ship To Earth
  Orlando Riva Sound
   Disco Trek
  Universal Robot Band
  Red Greg
   Disco Spaceship
  Laurie Marshall
  Disco Spaceship
Grand Unify Grooves
   Spock Thoughts
  Leonard Nimoy
   Spacer Woman
  Mr. Disc Organization
   Now Show
  Space Echo
  White Label
   Dancing In Outer Space (Lunar Mix Part 1)
  Captain Sky
   Feel It (Original Mix)
  Disco Boogie Classics
  Disco Boogie Classics
   They Came At Night
  Patrick Cowley
  Rams Horn
Round 3: 100% Sleaze
Mondo Bongo Club
   (All Day And All Night) We Will Make Love
  Laurie Marshall
   F. Minor Disco (Al Kent Edit)
  Ross Carnegie & Co.
  Idris Muhammad
   I'm A Big Freak (R U 1 2)
Grand Unify Grooves
   I Feel Good Put Your Pants On
  Jackson Jones
  Rams Horn
   Shack Up (The Revenge Rework)
  United Artists
   Masochistic Beauty (Grand Unify Marvin’s ... Edi
  Marvin Gaye
  White Label
   Cocksucker Blues
  Sex Judas // Ricky
  White Label
   Head (Ghosts Of Venice Edit)
  White Label
   Walk For Me (Grand Unify Hype Edit)
  Tronco Traxx
  White Label
   Four Four Walk (DJ Apt One Remix)
  Skatt Bros // The Glass & Black Van
  White Label
   Anti Love Song
  Betty Davis
  Just Sunshine
WINNER: Mondo Bongo Club
   Come Inside
  The Shades Of Love // Lisa Fischer
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