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electronic // bass // ambient // grime // footwork

VAJ.Power is an Electronic, Bass, Grime and Footwork show that champions Scotland - based producers and is committed to creating a platform and support for people creating music in Scotland >> also featuring regular guest shows We have an open call if you want your tracks to be featured on the show - please send them to vaj.power.vj @gmail.com

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VAJ.Power w/ SŪN JÙN 孙� + 2centavos
01/07/2018 // VAJ.Power w/ SŪN JÙN 孙� + 2centavos

Tonight we were provided with an amazing guest mix from SŪN JÙN 孙�, Glasgow/Lisbon/Paris based producer and a live electronic musician. Before his trip to Europe he put together the tunes that reflect his mood about the trip <3

<3 We gonna follow up with some fresh tunes from newly discovered producers and generally tunes we love <3

Check out SŪN JÙN 孙� music : https://soundcloud.com/sunjunmusic and YUMYUM records : https://soundcloud.com/yumyumrec

UPDATE: 2centavos joining us for a super mega fun b2b2b :D

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