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Vacant Indulgence
hiphop // soul // jazz // rnb // easylistening

I thought of the name "Vacant Indulgence" while in the pub over a pint of guinness and it seems to have grown on me. The basic idea of the show would be to broadcast the impulsive and eclectic music collection that is my mp3 player; one minute you're listening to the Beastie Boys, next I've put on some John Coltrane. It just depends what mood takes me First Show So I've done my first show flying solo and managed to get through an hour without crying but loved every minute of it. Let's hope it keeps going (I'm getting images of myself aged 80, a beard similar to Gandalf's, still sitting in the studio........worrying) Soundtracks Show After being ill for the show last week, giving me 2 weeks of preparation for one show I decided to specialise and show a great side to my i-pod.........THE SOUNDRTRACK SECTION! Listen to the 30/11/09 show and then go watch some of the films I featured the music from, it makes them more fun trust me.......Although to make sure, I find Jaffa Cakes and a cuppa tea help

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