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Unearthly Matters
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   Again Comes The Rising Of The Sun
  Albert Ayler
  Impulse! ‎
   Dance of the Living Image
  Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Infinity Arkestra
  El Saturn Research
   Violin Fuchshorn / Fuchsharp Percussion
  United Dairies

  Het Zweet
  Sound Of Pig
   A Tribute To Walter Spiess
  Kaa Antilope
  Sub Rosa ‎
  Cassette King ‎
   Black Magic
  Without Sense
   Die Kunst
  L'Avis G821
  T.T.I.C.C. Contingent ‎
   Half A God (Recombinant Remix)
  Ike Yard
   Necrosis En La Poya
  Esplendor Geometrico
  Tic Tac
   Drilling Backwards
  Martial Canterel
  Dark Entries
   Ima Iki-Mashoo
   The Last Hole
  Pseudo Code
  Sub Rosa ‎
   Y'a Pas De Mystère Dans L'air
  Michelle Vernon
  Studio 4 A ‎
   The Line
  Clan Destine
   Cold Tape (Side B)
  Maurizio Bianchi
  YHR Tapes
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