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Flickering Tongues of Runic Foretells
Unearthly Matters
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  Ecstatic Peace
   We Thrive Off the Encantic Dance of Orbs
  Not Not Fun Records
   Side B, Track 1
   You Will Cross the Fire
  Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier
  self distributed
   Electric Egyption Shades of Blue
  Infinite Potentials
  self distributed
  White Noise
   Subliminal State
  Gene Hunt
   Controversy Between (Aerial Version)
  Front 242
  Art & Strategy, Alfa Matrix
   Sound Of Stereo
  model 500
   Ein Bisschen Krieg
  Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft
   Mystic Mountain Track
   A Summer Day At Stony Point
  Jacques Bekaert
   Lords of the New Purse
  Okishima Island Tourist Association
  Cry Parrot
   Lullaby (Take 2: How Dry I Am)
  Sub Pop
   Devil Can Collect
  self distributed
   Lights Out
  Clocked Out
  Cry Parrot
   They'll Burn It Down
  World Peace
  Cry Parrot
   Robots, Dogs
  Night People
   Monged On Valium
  The Pheromoans
  Convulsive Records
   Love Blinded Ballad (Enka 1969)
  Toshi Ichiyanagi
  The End Record
   A Piece Of The Storm
  Torn Hawk
  Long Island Electrical Systems
   Party Girl
  Chicken Jazz
   Let It Show
  Nico Band
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