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The . Meaning . of . Myth
Unearthly Matters
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   Truth (Version)
  Coil / Zos Kia
  Nekrophile Rekords
   Arab Tide
  Led Er Est
  Sacred Bones
   Black Flowers
  Second Layer
  Cherry Red
   Tanz Debil
  Einstürzende Neubauten
   Innocent Passage
  Further Reductions
  Something Cold
   Community Life
  Marc Barreca
  Palace Of Lights
   In This Light
  The 57th Parallel
  Rising Sun
   Radioactive Ash
   Robot World
  Light Sounds Dark
   Dream Of Embryo
  Funeral Party
  Pafe Record ‎
   She Speaks Close
  Dark Entries
   The Third Room
  Alexander Lewis
  Blackest Ever Black ‎
   Industrial Disease
  Concrete Fence
   Undeadman (ReMMix By Mordant Music)
  Honest Jon’s
   Analog - Digital
  The Klingons
  YHR Tapes ‎
   Pretty Day
  Marie Möör
  Born Bad
   Chasing The Sun
  Survival Records
   Watching Trees (Bedroom Mix)
  Eleven Pond
  Angular Recording Corporation
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