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Unearthly Matters
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   Eternal Light
  Mohave Triangles
  Hooker Vision
   My Birthday On Iscandar
  400 Lonely Things
  Rotifer Cassettes
   Priere Et Meditation Secretes
  Alain Kremski
   Journey To The Edge Of The Universe
  Upper Astral
  Valley Of The Sun
   Eastern Body
  Skylight Gymnasium
   Visual Snow
  Deep Magic
  Debacle Records
  Off Balance Atlas
  Skylight Gymnasium
   Bending Brass
  The Cyclist
  Crash Symbols
   Space Memory
  Hooker Vision
   Solar Maximum
  Temporary Residence Limited
   Car Fever
  Absolute Body Control
  Climax Productions
   Erratic Behaviour
  Wicked Witch
   Force Field
  Opal Tapes
   It's In My Brain Too(Screaming Oscillator Version)
  Tuning Circuits
  Totally Freaked Out Power Electronics
   Hot Day
  SM Nurse
  Top Tape
   Data Dancer
  Featureless Ghost
  Crash Symbols
   I Hear The Bells
  Danton's Voice
  Climax Productions, Minimal Wave
   Dark Crystal Day
  Excentrique Noiz
  Vap Inc.
   Tea Break
  Francis Martin
  RCA Media
   Pick Up The Flow
  model 500
  Frank Lorentzen
  Fønix Musik Forlag
  Shep and Me
  Cabin Floor Esoterica
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Scottish Charity Number SC006970.