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Marianne MWX (Maxi Dance Pool / Magic Waves)
Unearthly Matters
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   Injured In Sleep
  Cold Cave // Prurient
  hospital productions
   Process (Introduction)
  Silent Servant
  hospital productions
   Blood Witness
  Blackest Ever Black
   Untitled From North Africa
   Spiritual Blessing
  Pharoah Sanders
   Nat Kamod: Nevar Baju Re
  Kesarbia Kerkar
   Cloud Control
  Pye Corner Audio // The Advisory Circle
  Ghost Box
   Change It Up
  Touch Your Life
   In The Darkroom
  Unit Black Flight
  Figure Study
  Dark Entries
Marianne MWX
   Lady Shave
  Fad Gadget
   Reassurance Ritual
  Das Ding
  Stichting Update Materials, Minimal Wave
   5 8 6
  New Order
   Way Out Of Living
  Linear Movement
  Minimal Wave
   Proximity Switch (Accidents In Paradise)
  Last Chance
   My Spine Is The Bass-line
   Get On Down
  Duff Disco
   Nights In White Satin
  Linda Law
  Formule 1
   Your Mind (Instrumental)
  Angie Care
   Problèmes D'Amour
  Alexander Robotnick ‎
  Materiali Sonori
   Disco Computer
  Pinnacle Records
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