Unearthly Matters
industrial // dub // psychedelic // coldwave // musiqueconcrete

Intermittent nocturnal broadcasting. We reach further and further into the space-time continuum, the indefinable visions and possibilities are endless. We come across no boundaries or genre specifics. Just appreciation. An amorphous dissemination of musical anomalies throughout the world from the past and present.

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   Mon, 26/03/2018
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Inkke (LuckyMe / FWDK) & Sam Jordan
22/01/2018 // Inkke (LuckyMe / FWDK) & Sam Jordan

Stepping the game up for a massiv one since it's the first show of the year.

Beyond blessed that I'll be joined by two profoundly killer bossmen Inkke (Russell Paterson) and the 'Peebles Punisher' Sam Jordan.

Going to need to be hooked up to life support to survive this one. Very excited!!

Poster and more info on that in the next few days.

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