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December 2015
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   Good Life
  Inner City
   Under A Rock
   I Will
  Don Giovanni
   Powerful Man
  Hop Along
  Saddle Creek
   When Christmas Comes
  Los Campesinos
   I Like That You Can See It
   Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
  Darlene Love
  Phil Spector
   Scene Sick
  Diet Cig
   You Will Not Take My Heart Alive
  Joanna Newsom
  Drag City
   Price Tag
  Sub Pop
  Joni Mitchell
  Warner Bros.
   Christmas Rapping
  Bossy Love
  White Label
   Too Small For Eyes
   You Should Be Here
  White Label
   The Outtakes
  Kathryn Joseph
  Hits the Fan
   Run Away With Me
  Carly Rae Jepsen
  School Boy/Interscope
   Christmas Is Coming
  Vince Guaraldi Trio
   Alone At The Party
  Double Double Whammy
  Courtney Barnett
  Marathon Artists
   All I Want For Christmas
  Mariah Carey
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