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indie // news // electro // alternative // feminist

TYCI is a collective run by women based in Glasgow // To find out more about what we do, head to our website: http://www.tyci.org.uk // Or follow us on Twitter @tyciblog & Facebook /tyciblog

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TYCI 2016 Update!

This year, we are going to be changing up the content TYCI creates. Each month, we will select a different theme, with the content on the website reflecting that theme, and we want to hear from YOU.

Our theme for March will be POWER.

What is the definition of ‘power’ to you? What makes you feel powerful? What makes you feel like you don’t have power, and how do you deal with that? What women do you view as powerful and why – friends, public figures, organisations? How can we relate the theme of ‘power’ to other things happening in March, like International Transgender Day Of Visibility and International Women’s Day?

Content can be anything you like – personal stories, interviews, profiles, opinion pieces – and can be written, filmed or presented as an audio recording.

Please send your pitches to [email protected] The final copy deadline is Monday 22 February.

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