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Intro- Subliminal Messaging in Music...
   Flat Beat
   The Don (Hot Chip Remix)
  Sisters of Transistors
  This Is Music
   Elevated Level
  Roska Kicks and Snares
   The Big Fake
  Traffic Signs
  Traffic Signs
   Jetstream (Tom Neville Remix)
  New Order
   What Have You Done for Me Lately(Stupid Fresh rmx)
  The Loose Canons
   Funky Cold Medina (Aaron Lecarte & Samir Remix
  Tone Loc
  Delicious Vinyl
   Funky Town (John Acquaviva remix)
  Funky Town
   Hey Ladies!
  Project Cyborg
  White Label
Vs, Sugababes "Round Round" (Twisted edit)
   The Bomb
  The Bucketheads
   Killer (Afrojack remix)
  62.FM Audio
  Big Blind
   Handguns (Dada Life remix)
  Alex Gopher
  Go 4
   House Music
   Love The Glide (Mendez and Andrew remix)
  Oliver Swab ft Goza
   Son of a Gun (Candy Girls' remix)
vs. Rex the Dog "I Can See You..." (Twisted's "They're the same person!!11" Remix)
   Get Down
  jack beats
  Cheap Thrills
   Bulletproof (Just a Band remix)
  La Roux
   Nasty Bass
  Andrea Bertolini
  Insolent Tracks
   Brooklyn Go Hard (Medley remix)
  Jay-Z // Santagold
  White Label
   Rid e Wit Me (Benson Bootleg)
  White Label
   Keyboard Cat
  Bass Kleph
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