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Turn Out The Lights
fondlecore // electronuzzle // dryhump // shiftmusik // smooooch

'Turn Out The Lights' has a very simple concept. This is music for making love to.
You'll hear funky, mellow, intense, blissed-out, hot 'n' heavy, sultry and soulful tunes all served up in our trademark tongue-in-cheek style...because it's just no good unless it's fun, right?
These are late-night sounds, whenever you choose to listen. Moving across genres like the waves rolling onto a moonlit beach, 'Turn Out The Lights' blends classic seventies soul with Southern rock; introduces hip-hop to the latest from the Canadian new wave and brings R'n'B and world music into a fond embrace.
Blending the soulful tones of Fergus Mitchell with the sweet Bathgate lilt of Jamie Melrose, and featuring occasional special guests, this is the one show that will never ruin the mood.
Profile pictures by Alan Dimmick. Other pics by Jamie and Fergus
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Celebrating 2014 the only way we know how...
16/12/2014 // Greatest Hits and Festive Tips!

Jamie and Fergus return to the studio for the final time to play their favourite tunes from the past twelve months of 'Turn Out The Lights' as well as a few new discoveries for your festive listening pleasure. That, plus karaoke Ed & Taylor, nostalgia a go-go and our quiz, 'Sam Smith: Boy George or brickie?'!

We hope you've enjoyed the show. We've loved it, and it's been great having your company. J&Fxxx

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