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The Human Issue
Truth Of One
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   Swimming Pool
  Jacob Kirkegaard
   Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
  Edith Piaf
   Come Out
  Steve Reich
   Milgram Experiment
  Stroboscopic Artefacts
   The Horror In Clay
  Mark E. Smith
   (hidden track)
  DJ Logic feat What? What?
   10th Circle Of Winnipeg
  Venetian Snares
  Planet Mu
   Black Market Baby
  Tom Waits
   A Hell For Your Livestock
  gum takes tooth
   Shut Up
  High Note
   Mountain Energy
  The Fall
   The Godfather / Al Capone
  Jazz Jamaica All Stars
   God Save The Queen
  Sex Pistols
   The Street
  Harry Partch
  New world
   Perfect Temperature For Leaving Home part 9
  Goran Kajfes
   The Incident At Frankfurt Airport
  The Audacious Art Experiment
   Radio Broadcast/Hua Yang De Nianhua
  from the film "In The Mood For Love", Zhou Xuan
  Rock Records
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