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Truth Of One
hiphop // jazz // noise // spokenword // minimalisttechno

On transmission of sound, transgression of sound, digression of sound. On recorded history. On our skins, to the bone. On memory and time, yearning. Infinite in all directions. On journeys' journals, On people’s maps. On migration, culture's cardio circulation, destination, destitution. On people’s story. Different sides of the story. Different parts of town. On breath, choirs, basslines, hammers, machines, heartbeats, breakbeats. On bouncing and breaking. Through. On energy, anger is an energy. On the axe in the frozen lake of your soul. On dedication to chaos. On assertion through negation. On noise, dissonance, challenge, inventiveness, electricity. On witness, protest, resistance, alienation, dissent. The minority of one. Do it yourself. On darkness as the unknown. On the unconscious as a treasure trove. On the space, the ambient of opposites, descending, transcending, diminuendo in blue. On playing in face of defeat.

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   11:00 - 13:00
   Sat, 02/03/2019
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Hope Roads
07/04/2018 // Incurables

"We are all incurables" —Archbishop Oscar Romero (when asked why he was attending to the sick at a hospital for incurables)

When you look around you, it is easy to feel hopeless. Things always seem to be getting worse, not better. Even those of us still working for a better tomorrow can have a bad day, week, or lifetime, when all seems lost. But such a lapse of faith should not be feared. On the contrary, you should welcome it as a revelation. Our situation is hopeless. Our cause is impossible. You are faced with a stark choice: Do you dedicate yourself to an impossible cause? Or do you look after your own, making do as best you can? The choice is clear: You must dedicate yourself to an impossible cause. Why? Because we are all incurable. Because solidarity is a form of tenderness. Because the simple act of caring for the world is itself a victory. Take a stand—not because it will lead to anything, but because it is the right thing to do. We never know what can or can’t be done; only what must be done. Let us do it.

+ I dedicate myself to an impossible cause. +

from Andrew Boyd's Daily Afflictions

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