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Truth Of One
hiphop // jazz // noise // spokenword // minimalisttechno

On transmission of sound, transgression of sound, digression of sound. On recorded history. On our skins, to the bone. On memory and time, yearning. Infinite in all directions. On journeys' journals, On people’s maps. On migration, culture's cardio circulation, destination, destitution. On people’s story. Different sides of the story. Different parts of town. On breath, choirs, basslines, hammers, machines, heartbeats, breakbeats. On bouncing and breaking. Through. On energy, anger is an energy. On the axe in the frozen lake of your soul. On dedication to chaos. On assertion through negation. On noise, dissonance, challenge, inventiveness, electricity. On witness, protest, resistance, alienation, dissent. The minority of one. Do it yourself. On darkness as the unknown. On the unconscious as a treasure trove. On the space, the ambient of opposites, descending, transcending, diminuendo in blue. On playing in face of defeat.

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   10:00 - 12:00
   Sat, 30/05/2020
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If you are going through hell...
29/02/2020 // If you are going through hell...

"In middle age I wholly lost my way,

finding myself within an evil wood

far from the right straight road we all should tread,

and what a wood! So densely tangled, dark,

jaggily thorned, so hard to press on through,

even the memory renews my dread.

My misery, my almost deadly fear

led onto such discovery of good,

I’ll tell you of it, if you care to hear."

from The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri

Englished in prosaic verse by Alasdair Gray

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