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The Mariana Trench Sound
techno // house // eclectic // worldmusic // underground

THE MARIANAS TRENCH SOUND The Marianas Trench Sound aims to bring you music from the unexplored depths of sound. The focus of the show is on underground,under-appreciated and unheard of music from across the world as well as the good stuff that floats to the surface. House, Techno, Disco and Hip-Hop will be the mainstay of the show but the roots of these genres will be honoured with Funk, Soul,Jazz and Reggae being explored as well as how these genres have branched out into the other forms and taken on global flavours. The show also aims to educate with the Sampling as an Art feature were we will take a piece of music and chart its journey of how different artists have interpreted and re-interpreted a sound. The global focus is also important in tying in the exploratory nature of the show in finding new and interesting forms of music from the Cumbia music of Colombia to experimental and futuristic sounds of Glasgow natives Rustie and Hudson Mohawke.

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   17:00 - 19:00
   Fri, 29/06/2018
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Arrivederci its one one one
15/06/2018 // Arrivederci its one one one

It’s the Marianas Trench Sound and it’s a World Cup Special. That means one thing and one thing only – World in Motion on loop for 120 minutes…not actually, but there will be a lot of World Cup themed music from Enrico Morricone, Vangelis, Jorge Ben, Colourbox and the sound of Neoliberal Globalisation that is, Pitbull.

Also I have the pleasure of a few guests who will give you a run down on the important issues of the World Cup: who has the best kit, which team will fill the handsomeness void with Italy not qualifying and the tiny matter of who might win the thing.

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