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rockabilly // exotica // blues // 80s // hairmetal

Trashcore: Girls, Grind 'n' Gore Wild Card Kitty brings you an R-Rated radio show revolving around girls in their underwear and the counter culture that surrounds them. The occasional special guest intersperces the music and musings in this show specialising in all things trashy, pulp fiction and just a little bit sexy with a retro feel. So if you love Horror, B-movies, Hair Metal, Rock 'n' Roll, Burlesque and the bizarre- this is the show for you.

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   18:00 - 19:00
   Mon, 23/09/2019
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Morning Trash!
16/09/2019 // Monday Morning Blues Trash- Morning Show Special!

Trashcore's presenter Wild Card Kitty is pleased to present a special Morning Show edition of her each morning Mon-Fri of Fresher's Week! From 7-8am each morning expect to be woken up gently with some classic fifties rat pack swing tunes, gradually turning up the tempo to get you woken up for the day ahead as caffeine kicks in! Featuring the usual mix of hair metal, synth and rock with added pop and cheese and introducing the "I hate my job/teacher" angry rock track and the "I'm late for class/work" speedwalking companion track just before 8am.

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