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postpunk // synthpop // newwave // postbowie // coldwave

With bands like the Buzzcocks, Magazine, Echo and the Bunnymen and more all re-touring for the first time in years, there is obviously room to re-visit one of the most fecund times in British (and not only) music: the cultural imagery is certainly back in society. Maybe it's recession? Maybe it's that all the other '80s revivals have simply scratched the surface? No doubt this is a good time to go back to post-punk, new wave and every experiment we can get our hands on in that scene. Let's replay a decade of decadence and deca-dance: DIY labels, art rock, post-industrial malcontent and dubious hairstyles.

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Transmission and the SRA Awards

Dear ears,

after an incredible 2009 this far with you, Transmission has put forward an entry for the Student Radio Awards with a lot of kind help and passion (oh yes) from George and Shaun in the hot and sticky subcity office. I'm leaving Glasgow for now but I'll return to tell you what's happening to Transmission, if it finds a home in London and if I'll be DJing anywhere in the future.

Please listen to the SRA entry, a best of of the first year of Transmission's existence, and let's hope it goes well and/or wins. There's also a handy pdf file which you can give a glance (a mysterious glance) to.

Happy summer and I'll let you know. It's here: http://www.subcity.org/news.php?id=1228

Bye beautifuls

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