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Tom and Lol's Teatime Treat
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   A Fifth of Beethoven
  Walter Murphy
  Earth, Wind & Fire
Shiny shoes = against the rules
   Don't You Know
  Ray Charles
   The House That Jack Built
  Aretha Franklin
Name That (sporting) Tune
  Junior Walker
'Thank you' is not always the best word
   Sir Duke
  Stevie Wonder
   Get A Move On
  The Quantic Soul Orchestra
  Tru Thoughts
Turn the flyer upside down... and we're top of the bill
   Where Did Our Love Go?
  The Supremes
   Dancing In The Street
  Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
What Grinds Your Gears? The News of the Turd
  The Commodores
WORD WAR! Buy the rulebook from our website
   The Look Of Love
  Dusty Springfield
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