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There Is No There There Ep. 20
There Is No There There
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   A Pine By The Sea
  Jan Eerala
   Barbara Allen
  De Danann
   Go Slowly
  K. Leimer
  Palace Of Lights
   I Believe In You
  Talk Talk
   Sympathetic Sounds
  Hiroki Sasajima // Takahisa Hirao
   La Guerre
  Marc Moulin
   Deer Spirit Song
  African Headcharge
   Death As A Woman
  Elodie Lauten
  Cat Collectors
   Antarctica Starts Here
  John Cale
   Chanterai Por Mon Coraige
  Shelter Press
   Decalogue I
  Zbigniew Preisner
   This Is The Story Of Paradise Lost
  Leyland Kirby
  History Always Favours The Winners
   Nomad Song
  Ströer Duo // Howard Fine
   Ethnicolor I
  Jean Michel Jarre
  Disques Dreyfus
   Blue Bossa
   Reaction To Plastic
  Theo Parrish
  Sound Signature
  Reel By Reel
   Dancing Ghosts (Midnight At Robinwood Mill)
   Spill 14
  Speedy J
  Plus 8
  Chris Watson
   The Platform On The Ocean
  Arthur Russell
  Rough Trade
   Focus I
  Laurel Halo
  Honest Jon’s
   Face A
  Beatrice Dillon
  Where To Now?
   Faith (Vox Mix)
  Paul St Hilaire // René Löwe
  False Tuned
   Suddenly II
  Michael Brook // Pieter Nooten
   Jesus' Blood Never Found me Yet
  Gavin Bryars
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