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There Is No There There Ep. 52
There Is No There There
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   Gospels For Moopie A-Side Extract
  Unknown Artist (DJ Vladimir Ivkovic)
  A Colourful Storm
   The Decrepit Decision
  John Duncan
  Alan Vega
  Sacred Bones
   Planet Ariel
  Ariel Kalma
  French Archives 1977-80
   On Wind (Body is the Scare of Your Mind)
  Yoko Ono
   Ravi Shankar Pt. 1
  Dub Syndicate
   Angel Patrina Bell
  Richard Youngs
  Table Of The Elements
   Somebody Special
  Brion Gysin
  Made to Measure
   The Neo-Realist
  Palace Of Lights
   October '68
  Chas Smith
  Cold Blue
   Plainsong (Sine Bubble Embossed Dub)
  John Cale
   Shelly's Winter Love
  Merle Haggard // The Strangers
   The Great Underwater
  Jon Collin
  Early Music
   High Water
  Andrew Chalk
  Faraway Press
   For a Coming Extinction
  W.S. Merwin
  White Label
   Iso E Super
  Teresa Winter
  The Death Of Rave
   Resonating Body
  Boomkat Editions: Documenting Sound
  Tom Boogizm
   I’m Here
   Schlongo!!!daLUVdrone Revisited #3
  Palestine / Coulter / Mathoul
  Young God
   A Short Life of Trouble
  Jean Ritchie
   Garden of Love
  Serafina Seer // John T. Gast
  5 Gate Temple
   How Else?
  Absent Music
  EE Tapes
   Ballads (A-Side Extract)
  Time Is Away
  A Colourful Storm
  David Cunningham // Peter Gordon
  Siegmar Fricke
   V I S C 0 9 (B-Side Extract)
  Yoshio Ojima
  Fukusei Gijutsu Kohbo
   Buckets of Sand
  Audio Arts
  Audio Arts
   Stay Alive
  Cedric Myton & Congo
  Congo Ashanty
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