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There Is No There There
industrial // ambient // experimental // freejazz // cassettes

From the shrunken vessels of Sylvia Shale's Obsolete Future comes There Is No There There; broadcasting truncated pop, elongated avant dins & AWOL dirges. Tuesdays 20:00 - 22:00 GMT All deserters welcome!

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   20:00 - 22:00
   Sun, 31/05/2020
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There Is No There There Ep. 39
24/05/2020 // There Is No There There Ep. 39

Clamouring at the walls as the months concatenate, but for a single evening, what was once a rhombus is a rhombi, with a guest mix from Laura Not of (x) = musik (Lyl Radio) and Sounds Unsaid (Dublab.de). Laura warned me that the mix is guitar-centric, yet instead of smashing a kumquat under my feet, I hoped for Sonny Sharrock, Vini Reilly, Robbie Basho, Robin Guthrie, you know the ilk. After peeking at the tracklist, the instrumentation is more like Laura's photo on the flyer; a cleanly dissected – albeit moist – blood orange, rather than being shot in the eye with mayonnaise. That can be in the queue for a later date, where I will cut in line to get a glass of kvas while it's still chilled.

Hour 1: Laura Not

Hour 2: Sylvia Shale

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