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Through Muirshiel Gap
ambient // experimental // country // literary // poetical

What obsesses the Glaswegian eye? The eyes of Paisley, Gourock, and Millport; the eyes in Kilbrides both, Muirshiel and all in Ayrshire: what draws west their fascinated gazes, over the firth, over Islay and all Ulster? It is cowboys and the dream of lands unseen. This radio programme longs and dreams of some 'elsewhere', reaches, like every good Scot, to fill the gap between the dreamer and the dreamt for with stories and music; literature and essays; sounds and impressions: easy-listening to relax by; yielding space to imagine in. Each programme is entirely unique and will surprise. Please, please come. There is a really great place I know, not too far from here as it happens, it's called the Muirshiel Gap. It is not east of here.

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   00:00 - 01:00
   Tue, 22/02/2022
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Aberdeen Love-Letter
06/05/2021 // Aberdeen Love-Letter

The Oil Capital is honoured in song, poem and story as Glaswegians, Yanks and Gaels reflect Aberdeen's history of shale gas extraction, how sparkly the granite is, and how the place, when you sit down and really think about it, is nowhere near as bad as Perth.

As heard in Subcity's radio-collaboration with Aerial of guess-where on 01/05/21.

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